Sissy Dare – Dress up challenge

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? So are you up for some mild public humiliation? Don't worry it is nothing that you can't handle. What you need - a small backpack with zip, a click type padlock, a girly jeans (Floral, rhinestone, skinny, etc.) So what you need to do is very simple. You will go to a... Continue Reading →


Short Story – Boss to Slut – Part 1

Carlos had recently joined the organization as the head and was trying to figure out how the things worked in the pretty much new country for him. He was very clear of what he wanted and how we would like to do things. His secretary a very pretty lady by name Alisha was helping him with... Continue Reading →

BDSM Test!

Hello All! I just took a test on the BDSM Test and not that surprised to see the results! == Results from == 100% Slave 100% Degradee 99% Rope bunny 98% Submissive 97% Brat 95% Masochist 84% Pet 58% Experimentalist 53% Exhibitionist 53% Non-monogamist 49% Primal (Prey) 43% Voyeur 37% Boy/Girl 33% Ageplayer 13%... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve – Chapter 5

So I get back to my desk and start reading the document. I start to enjoy the work forgetting why I was doing it, I feel better that I got to read something meaningful. I start making notes and put a detailed analysis of things that were not correct. By the time I finish the... Continue Reading →

Sissy Humiliation – Piss drinking

Hello Gurls! So how many of you have very humiliating fantasies? I am today going to confess something that I have done and found it extremely humiliating. It was a long time ago though. I had a Mistress, who would control all my actions through chat and gave me permissions to do even my basic... Continue Reading →

Panties at work!

Hello gurls! So I have mentioned earlier too that I like to wear panties under my work clothes and feel sexy all day! I am wearing full lace pink panties today, but it is very different today as it was because my wife wanted me to wear it. Yes she knows I am wearing panties... Continue Reading →

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