Triple A – Part 8

The groom side had arrived and was provided with the accommodation in the resort. We were seated by the pool when a few of them walks past us. They seem to be looking for something, so one of us gets up to help them. The group was looking for space to practise their dance moves... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 21

[tags¬†bdsm, crossdressing, erotic, femdom, feminization, Humiliation, indian crossdresser] The evening was busy with me practising my makeup, and getting caned by Abhimanyu again for not completing it in the first try. I was in constant pain every day. I was getting used to the pain of being caned. It was humiliating at first, but now... Continue Reading →

Will you like to be Human Pet?

Hello Sweethearts! How are you coping with being inside? I am bored and have not been able to do much! I wanted to share with you some of my other experience which may help you to spend some time and make new friends! As you might remember I have mentioned, a couple of times my... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 10 – Dress up challenge

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? So are you up for some mild public humiliation? Don't worry it is nothing that you can't handle. What you need - a small backpack with zip, a click type padlock, a girly jeans (Floral, rhinestone, skinny, etc.) So what you need to do is very simple. You will go to a... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 7 – make-up shopping

Hello gurls! How is your week going? Have you done something fun this week? Are you looking for something that will keep your sissy mind occupied? I have a perfect thing to suggest for that, if you have been following my blog, you have already shopped for nail paint, heels, stockings, etc. but haven't actually... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 5 – Pin-Up Prissy Sissy

Hello Gurls! So are you feeling pretty? Have you been wanting to try something this weekend but don't know what to do? I have a suggestion, cancel all your plans of going out. Lets play dress-up. Shave your body, no hair except for your eyebrows and head. Take a nice shower and apply moisturizer on your... Continue Reading →

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