Sissy Behaviour – Sissify yourself

Hello my darlings! How are you doing? Did you miss me? I am sure you did. I am sorry that it took me so long to post. I know I have talked about "Sissify Yourself" blog number of times here. But look what I found to keep your engaged while I try to post new... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 24

I open my eyes; I was not in my room. I look around I was in the basement again. I can’t remember how I reached here. I only remember getting in the car and having water that Natasha offered. I do not remember anything after that. I try to get up from the hard bed,... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 11

Anurag wakes up the next morning, still depressed, not sure of what to do. I wake up and start getting ready, without disturbing him. I start to think about how I can make sure that he does what I say. I wanted to marry him. I wanted to turn him into Alisha for life. At... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 33 – Shopping again!

Hello Sweethearts! Are you back here looking for new tasks? Or just stumbled on my blog when you were searching for how to keep yourself entertained?  Did you do something fun yesterday for International Women’s Day?  Aww darling, I know how exactly you feel. Do you want some new task to feel more girly? Right... Continue Reading →

Self Bondage Reference

Some interesting facts for self-bondage and bondage! Bound AnnaIt is very interesting site with lot of resources on bondage. Please let me know if you try some of this ideas and how it goes.

Triple A – Part 10

I wake up to the sobbing from Anurag. He was sitting on the bed and crying. I look at him surprised and ask him, “What is the problem? What happened? Why are you crying?” “Do you have any idea what I am going through? Can you tell me how I am going to the office... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 9

I had looked for Alisha all over the place but was not able to find her. I had finally decided to go to my room without her. I had enough drinks and was really tired now to put my energy in finding her. I was just hoping that she was not on her knees pleasing... Continue Reading →

— Saragirl’s Sissy Confessions

It's called the "Sissy Gay Test" and the marriage counsel you and your wife go to suggested it when your wife said she thought you'd never in a million years suck her lover's cock. 106 more words — Saragirl's Sissy Confessions

Sissy Behaviour- Be a bitch

Hello Bitches! Oh sorry! I should not have called you that. But let me ask you, do you like being a bitch to someone? Do you fantasise about being one? But don't know how? Oh Dear! I think I can help you with this. Are you ready to become a bitch? Are you willing to... Continue Reading →

Chastity device in news

Hello sissy boys! Did you read my earlier post about my situation with chastity? I had posted a link to one of the new device operated by an app on phone and will not need a key. I came across this News today and it’s very scary! Cellmate Chastity Device Hope you are not wearing... Continue Reading →

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