Triple A – Part 2

I woke up next day before him and checked the loft and his bags, to see what else could I find to blackmail him further. I was sure there was more to this then what met my eyes. He would not have allowed to kiss me, or would not have gone to bed that easily.... Continue Reading →


Sissy Task – Bow Time

Hello my lovely Sissy Gurls! Are you following the new year resolution of shaving your private parts? Are you keeping it nice and smooth? Well if you are, I have a small task that will remind you that you are a sissy for whole day. You need a red permanent marker and a nice satin... Continue Reading →

Hello Gurls! I am sure you know how important is pink color in sissy's life and existence. In order to just remind you of that, I have collected a few images that you can watch repeatedly to remind that you should like and adore everything pink! In fact, you are given a choice, you should... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 1

It was a hot sweltering day of Mumbai and I was struggling to keep myself awake in the train as I was returning to my room. I was so tired and was looking forward to catch up with my sleep when I reach my room. I was hoping to not find Anurag as it was... Continue Reading →

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