Introduction to my split personality

I think everyone has a secret to keep, only few have dark secrets. I have been a secret cross-dresser all my life and I know there are many more like me who would like to actually become a sissy and spend rest of life dressing as girl. 

I am from India, and it is even more difficult to follow the cross dressing experiments as it is much more conservative then some of the other parts of the world. 
I started cross dressing from very early teens. I don’t know what triggered it but I still remember that it was a wonderful feeling which is difficult to explain. I remember it started from bathroom and innocent dress up to see how I may look if I was a girl. The curiosity took over as passion, and passion as a life long dark secret. 

This blog is to help me share some of my experiences exploring my sissy side and may be learn a few things too.

Introduction to my split personality