How to start being a good Sissy

There are numerous sites which can tell you how to be a sissy and a cross dresser in open. Yes I do know that coming out in open is one of the aspect of being a sissy but I also know that there are many who would like to do it in secret. Some of us are not lucky enough to have a Mistress who can control us, and so you can feel a little lost.

There are many who have just figured out that they love to be a sissy and are looking for direction. So I have put together some tips for how to be a good sissy: 

1. You should never use any kind of swear words, no matter how angry or upset you are. You will not even swear in private. That’s not acceptable as a good sissy boy.

2. You will show full respect to all girls irrespective of their age, size, color or designation. Even if the girl is extremely beautiful, you can stare at her feet and nothing else. 

3. You will follow a personal hygiene schedule. You will use moisturisers, hand creams, lip balm, etc. on daily basis. You will always carry a hand sanitizer and use it when required, specially if you are with someone.

4. You will never ever pee standing again. You will sit to pee no matter what is the situation.

5. You will start doing all household works like cleaning, mopping, making bed, etc. You can start with one task at a time, but you should be the one doing all the tasks at home especially if you are in a relationship.

I know that these rules are difficult to follow if you have no one to supervise but a good sissy will not give that as excuse. If you are not able to follow these simple things in life how can you please your Mistress/Master so start now. 

You have to be honest with yourself and if you break the rule you need to be punished and I can suggest the punishments if you are serious.

Buh bye and take care sweeties. 

Have a good weekend. 

How to start being a good Sissy

Battle within….

I am sure that every cross dresser will have this dilemma and battle within, of if he is doing right thing or should he stop. It is very complicated to explain it to anyone and you will not find a single soul who would understand you.

You will be scared to come out and dress as girl, but you will also not be able to stop.

In my initial days I was so confused and I had started to wish I was a girl. I would speak to guys and act like a tough guy, I even longed company of girls and admired beautiful girls around me, but in privacy I always wished I was a girl.

However I was never attracted to guys and not even attracted to them right now. But I will write some more on that later. 

I am certain that most of the time it will be a tug of war between mind and heart. There is no way out once you are in your panties. The only choice is to come out in open as a cross dresser or be a secret one. Most of us never manage to get enough courage to become a full time sissy. 

Battle within….