Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 12

Once we reach home in the evening, I was to change in the pajamas that she had got me. It was her instructions the previous day and I could not forget it. I was so eager to make her happy. It  was becoming my second nature to obey her. By the time I finish changing my clothes, I hear a knock on the door. “Please come to Neerja’s bedroom.” It was Natasha. She does not wait for me to respond. I walk after her, and enter the room. Neerja was sitting on the chair and Natasha takes a seat on the edge of the bed. I stand there waiting for one of them to speak. Neerja looks at me and says “You seem to be getting very comfortable in your new look.” I just stand there  without any response. “We went to your place this weekend when you were busy relaxing at the salon.” She had my attention at that sentence. I look up at her and wait anxiously for more. “We have cleared all your male clothes, we gave them to the NGO who were collecting the clothes for flood victims that happened last week.” I look aghast and scream “How the hell can you do that? I will not tolerate this nonsense anymore.” “Dear calm down, the story is not over, we found a cheque, a signed cheque! So we also donated all your money, which by the way we knew as you stupidly handed your mobile phone to Natasha, and didn’t even deactivate. So you have no money in your bank account either.” I just burst out in tears, not sure if it was anger or sadness any more. ”Why are you doing this? What is your aim?”

”Now that is a right question that you have asked in long time.” Natasha says smirkingly. I look at her in anguish. ”Now you have two choices, one is to leave for your place now, this is your home key. Or you can stay here with us, the way we want.” She looks at me, I just keep staring at her. ”You will lose your job, and I am not sure how you will get another job with the way you look.” she chuckles, ”you have no money to buy new clothes nor to eat till you get a new job.”

I realized that I had no choice. I also realised how naive I had been and my eyes fills up with tears. I had been so stupid that I had not even checked my new phone, someone whom I trust might have called. My head starts spinning at the thoughts and I feel like I will crumble and fall apart. Natasha walks over to me and says ”Don’t worry we will not hurt you.” she chuckles at the end of the sentence. She knew my answer from my look. Neerja gets up from the chair and says ”We will have some rules for you like Natasha has for you in office. We have help for everything so we don’t expect you to do any housework. But you will be our personal maid and also to my husband Abhimanyu, who will be back tomorrow.” Natasha speaks as soon as Neerja finishes, they were speaking too fast for me to grasp anything or make sense. Natasha finishes and pulls out a saree from the cupboard and says ”At home, you will be wearing this from today. We will help you for a few more days, but you will learn this and should be able to get ready by yourself soon.” I was just standing there dumbfounded on how to respond. I was not able to speak.

They strip me of my clothes and put on a blouse and a petticoat. They wrap the saree around me and make me turn around. The saree was in pastel yellow with matching blouse. They were speaking to me trying to explain how it is to be worn and what needs to be done, but I was too distracted for that. In my mind I was still trying to figure out how I can escape from them. Once they finish, they send me off to my room. I reach my room struggling to walk in a saree for the first time. Every time I bend the pallu was distracting me. I look around in the room for my new mobile, when I find it was fully discharged. I scamper around for the charger which I can’t find. I go out of my room and try to get down the staircase, in a saree. I could feel my bare back and tummy. I feel like someone was watching my every move and I was extremely conscious. I hear some noise in the kitchen and go to the same to see if someone had a charger for my phone. I find two middle-aged ladies chatting while doing some cleaning in the kitchen. I try to stay calm and ask if they have a charger showing them my phone. They look at me in surprise and say ”Please don’t speak to us or we will be in trouble. We don’t have phones. You can ask Natasha Madam for the charger.” I could not understand why speaking to them was not allowed. I then remember that they did mention to me that I was not supposed to speak to anyone in the house without their permission. I just quickly walk back to my room and I see Neerja standing at the door. I look down and stand still. She walks to me and says ”I hope you did not break any rule. Because if you did, I will come to know and it will be much worse than. So tell me did you break any rule?” I look down and say ”Sorry Neerja madam, I just wanted to charge my phone. I will not repeat the mistake.”

”Good boy. You broke the rule, so you need to be punished though. What should we do?”

”Please Neerja Madam, I said I am sorry.” She kept referring to me as a boy.

”Sorry is not enough, you will remove your saree, that way you will not have the courage to walk outside your room and speak to anyone.”

”Please Neerja Madam, I will not repeat the mistake please.”I say in a pleading tone.

She starts to laugh, ”Look at you, you love the saree so much? It has been just 10 minutes and you are enjoying it so much that you don’t want to remove it. How lovely. You can keep it.”

I just realized that I was falling in their trap more and more. I was thinking like a girl. I look at my dead phone and decide to take it to work tomorrow so that I can charge it.

The next day at work was the same, I was dressed in trousers and a silk blouse in cream. They had me put all the makeup and started to explain how it is to be done and details of what is the purpose. They hand me a lipstick and ask me to apply it myself. I do it looking in the mirror and pucker my lips and both of them burst out in laughter. She drives me to work. I had to carry her bag. I was carrying my phone with me today. I had no other belongings. I had tucked the phone in a side pocket of her bag and I pull it out from it before I leave it in her cabin.

I put it on charging and wait for it to start. I was getting more famous now and my colleagues and others just walk past my desk and smile. I smile back at them. I go to the coffee machine to get coffee for Natasha, and as I was making it for her, I hear a voice, ”Why don’t you make one more cup for me too, Vishal?” I turn around, it was Mahesh. In normal circumstances I would have just ignored him, but today I just look down and blush. ”I take it as yes, dear.” he chuckles and stands on the sides watching me as I make coffee. I hand him his cup and walk to Natasha’s cabin.

She looks up at me and says ”I was thinking something Vishal, your name does not suit your new look. How about if we change it to Nancy or Prinsi?”

“Please Natasha Madam, I don’t want to change the name. This is going too far.”

“If you don’t want to select, I will choose for you. And how will you explain a male name, anyways?”

“Please Natasha Madam, I beg you, please don’t do this to me.” My eyes were filled with tears. I was about to cry like a girl. I was not able to believe what I was doing. I was becoming an emotional mess.

“You are acting like a princess now, Prinsi will suit you better. I guess. You will introduce yourself as Prinsi from now onwards. Now go.”

“Please Natasha Madam, I can’t do that. Please.”

“Prinsi, I do not have time for this. Please go and make yourself useful.”

I shout at her, “I am not Prinsi and I am not going to accept any of your suggestions from now onwards.” But by the time I finish my sentence my voice was trembling and meek. It all sounded empty and I was ashamed of raising my voice.

“Are you done? Now go and do as I say, or that Inspector is just a call away. He will be very happy to see you like this.”

I walk back to my desk dejected and sad. I feel like I have been trapped and will never be able to find a way out. I start to look at the mails and try to do some work. It must have been some five minutes when the desk phone rings again. I pick it up with trembling hands. “Hello Vishal here, from Natasha Madam’s Office. May I know who is this?” I did not realize that it was Natasha on the other end. “Prinsi, come to my cabin, NOW!”

I walk into her cabin, suddenly it started to feel very big and spacious, the black painting on the back wall with some weird face shape seemed to be laughing at me. “What is your name?”

“My name is Vishal….. I mean it is Prinsi.”

“It seems you need a little exercise to ensure you don’t forget your name, you will write this 50 times now, My name is Prinsi, I am an executive assistant to Natasha Madam. My job is to follow her every instruction and keep her happy.”

I look down, stand there wondering what to say and not sound like a whiny girl. I open my mouth but stop. I start to walk, she says ”Prinsi where are you going?” ”To my desk.” ”No you will write this here in front of me.” and she throws a pad to me. I move to her desk and was about to sit on chair. ”Prinsi, do you have my permission to sit?” I don’t respond, I bend over and start to write the sentence. As I write the first one, she says, ”Read it loud.” I read it in my trembling voice, ”My name is Prinsi, I am an executive assistant to Natasha Madam. My job is to follow her every instruction and keep her happy.”

She chuckles ”Good boy” I just feel humiliated as he uses the word boy instead of a girl. It was making me feel completely confused. As I keep writing, she kept making me read at regular intervals. My back starts to hurt and I was sweating in an air conditioned office. My eyes were filled with tears, but my cock was twitching under my trousers. Once I finish writing it, she checks it and says ”I don’t like your handwriting, it needs to be prettier than this.” I just blush at her comment. She gestures me to leave.

I go to my desk and the first thing I do is to check my phone. I try to see if I had any messages and I was shocked as I hadn’t received a single message. I check my mailbox and check the number. I pick up my desk phone and call the number, and to my surprise, it was not working. I get really angry! I get up and stomp in her cabin and say ”This is not fair, you cannot do this to me. How can you give me a dummy number?” I throw the phone to her and to my shock she catches it. The phone chimes at the same time. She reads the message, ”Welcome to Vodafone. Your phone has been activated.” I give a flustered look. ”Prinsi, this is the last tantrum, one more time you act like this, I will ensure you will never forget my name and your manners.” She throws the phone to me, I leave the cabin.

Shweta walks to me and says ”Did you finish the task I gave you?” I just nod in no, trying to keep my words to minimum. She looks at me and raises eyebrow ”Why? When will it be done, Vishal?” ”I will get it in one hour, Shweta Madam.” ”Ok good. Will you get Natasha’s comments too?” ”Yes Madam.” ”Ok mail me the copy once it is done.” She was so authoritative in her tone, I was feeling like I was no one in front of her and she was junior to me.

The desk phone rings, ”Hello Vis…..Prinsi here, from Natasha Madam’s office, May I know who is this?” As soon as I finish, I hear laughter on the other side and I knew who it was. I transfer the call to Natasha.”Natasha Madam, it is Sakshi Madam.” Her laughter kept echoing in my ears. As soon as the call is over, I get a call from Natasha, and she says ”Go and see Sakshi now.” My heart sinks and my head starts to spin. I get up from my desk and walk to her cabin on the next floor. When I reach her cabin, her Secretary looks at me and asks me ”What is your name?” I look at her with a blank expression. ”I need to tell Sakshi Madam, who is here to meet her.” she says with a confused tone. ”Prinsi, Natasha Madam has sent me.” I speak meekly. I was trying to use my new name and it was so hard. ”Wait, are you Vishal? Oh my God! Look at you! You are absolutely transformed. What did you say what is your new name?” I blush profusely, ”It is Prinsi” ”Wow nice name.” she dials the phone and informs her of my arrival.

I walk inside her cabin. I can hear the Secretary dialling a number, I was sure I was going to be the part of her conversation. I go and stand in front of her desk with my eyes low. She looks up to me from her chair, gets up and walks closer to me. ”Well, Natasha has done a good job, you look perfect dear.” ”Thank you Sakshi Madam.” I say without even thinking. I was determined not to get humiliated by her. I stand there with my eyes low. She circles around me and says ”Why don’t you use that tongue of yours appropriately and worship my feet, Prinsi.” she goes back to her chair and I get on my knees. As I start to worship her feet with my tongue, she says ”We need to send a circular to the office about your name change, isn’t it?” I just keep sucking her feet, by now I had become used to the smell and dirt and was able to manage to suck and lick them without nauseating by it. ”I take your silence as acceptance. Or should we introduce as new staff?” I stop at that and look up at her with pleading eyes ”Please Sakshi Madam, don’t do this to me. Please at least don’t humiliate me like this. I will do anything you say.” ”Anything for what?” ”Anything to go back to where I was.” ”Where were you? At my feet worshipping them. Go on do it.” I hated her wordplay. She calls Natasha and says ”Why don’t you officially declare the name of your new Executive Assistant?” She agrees and disconnects the phone. I keep pleasing her for 20 more minutes.

The rest of the day passes with me doing some mundane tasks for Natasha. I keep looking at the phone but I did not receive any text messages. I come to realize that no one is going to contact me and I don’t remember any number. I decide to check my personal mail account as I might get some numbers from that. I was now desperate to contact someone for help. I knew I cannot escape them without help!


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  1. Love this story and the way it’s going…. Needless to say I really appreciate ur writing style….. Only one complaint….. The parts of this story are posted after a really long time and its a bit hard to remember what happened with Vishal in the previous part……..

    I had to revise the previous parts to remember what happened earlier

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