Memoir of a College Girl – Part 2

When we reach our room it was past midnight, and all of them fall asleep instantly. I lie down on my bed, still perplexed with the whole experience, a tear runs down my cheek, I could not sleep for quite some time, but when I woke up all of them were ready and I was the last one to get up. Sowmya, says “Good morning sleepy head” she points to my crotch and says “It looks like you had some sexy dreams, tell us what were you in your dream, Ritesh or Ritu?” I look down at my dress in horror and blush. I just avoid her and rush to the toilet. I have shower and walk out, I had Sunita and Amisha waiting for me. I look at them with pleading eyes, but it has no impact on them. They pull me to the mirror, I was to wear one of the punjabi dress from Amisha today. I was now getting used to the whole ordeal of putting on makeup, they would ensure that I was in my bra and panties only when they did that. I was wearing a white bra and pink panties today. The dress was green in color with nice prints and full sleeves, it had a matching churidar. The dress was really tight and figure hugging and it flared at my waist. It had a blue chiffon dupatta with it. I thought it would be better than yesterdays revealing t-shirt. I could not figure out how it was fitting me so well and I look at the reflection in the mirror with a surprise. Amisha smiles and says “I did some quick alterations for you dear, I had to open the seams to make sure it will fit you.”

I look at the reflection again and realize that I had matching eye shadow, a necklace and the pink lips made me look like a perfect girl. It was making me look more desirable and girly than yesterday. I wanted to hide. They make me sit again and apply green nail polish on my fingers. I sit in front of the mirror as the paint dries. I look at my reflection and think as far as I was in this get up no one can guess I am a guy. They make me practice sitting in the dress, they make me walk and adjust dupatta. Once they are convinced, I have learnt enough, we go to the hall for breakfast. Sumit sees me from distant and winks at me and smiles. I just smile meekly and turn away. I can see the other guys looking at me and smiling. I was suppose to be with Amisha and Sowmya today. As we sit for breakfast, the guy from previous day comes and says ”Hi Ritu, what are you participating in today?” I just smile and don’t speak anything, Sowmya takes the opportunity and tells her what we were going to do. He smiles and leaves us.

In the competition, I can see the guy was participating in the same one as me. He comes to me and says ”Hi, I have also selected same competitions as you. I hope you don’t mind.” ”No why should I mind. By the way,  what is your name, I don’t remember it.” I speak in my most girly voice possible. ”I am Ranjit. Catch you later” he walks away as the competition starts. Amisha teases me when she spots Ranjit almost following us in every competition that we were participating. It was very difficult for me to concentrate on the task and I was blushing like a girl every time he looked at me. He and his other teammates were literally hitting on me thinking I was a girl. Sowmya goes to them and says ”Why don’t we go out for dinner tonight, guys?” I was totally flustered and wanted to find some reason to avoid it. The rest of the day they keep talking to three of us and we keep exchanging ideas and jokes as we compete. I try to speak as less as possible to avoid giving away that I was not a girl. Amisha and Sowmya both keep teasing me and keep asking me to speak to Ranjit.

In the evening, there was no function on that day and I was relieved that I will not have to face more people. But as soon as we walk into the room, Lavanya declares that we are going out of campus to some pub nearby. I get anxious and ask her ” Please can I stay back? I don’t want to come out dressed like this.” “You are coming with us.” “Please Lavanya, I don’t think it is a good idea.” “I am not interested in your whining, get ready. Sunita, please help her.” We all get dressed. They make me wear the red dress worn by Sunita on the previous evening. They make me walk up and down in room and make me practice my voice. They even make me dance like a girl, they tease me and giggle as I dance in front of them. We leave for the place in the auto-rickshaw and I saw we had only guys waiting for us as we reach destination. I was terrified. I start to feel nervous and anxious as we walk towards them. I avoid looking at any of the guys and we walk inside the pub. It was full of people. Sunita, acts smart and ensures that, I was sitting between two of the guys. The table was too small for all of us and it was very crowded, the legs and shoulders were touching each other, I feel so intimidated and I blush red as they smile at me. I try to maintain my voice and speak in short sentences, smile at the jokes. The guy on the right keep touching my hand and thighs as we chat, he sneaks his hand inside my dress and caresses my bare thigh, a shiver runs through my spine and I push his hand away, but he keeps doing it again and again when I try to eat. I look at him, perplexed and he smiles at me. The guy on the left keeps leaning on my shoulder and takes his hand around my waist and rests it there on the back rest. I was completely sandwiched between them. Lavanya and Sowmya keeps smiling at me as they were sitting exactly opposite to me. In middle of all this, I was feeling my cock was getting harder at the attention I was getting. I start to sweat and request to get up and go to restroom, when I leave one of the guy from the table get up come with me on the pretext of showing me the way. I just blush, he walks me to the restroom and as we reach there he says “You know you have a wonderful smile. I really like it. The dimple on your cheeks makes you look so cute.” I blush and feel intimidated and say “Thanks” “Ritu, just thanks?” “Well I need to use the restroom, if you don’t mind.” I try to excuse myself. He moves away, I feel like I  have escaped, but when I come out of the toilet he was still waiting outside. I feel like something was going to happen and I hurry towards the table but he holds my hand and pulls me towards him. I somehow manage to push him and rush to the table. He follows me to the table and sits next to me. I smile and avoid eye contact with him. We finish our dinner and return to the room. I almost break down and start to cry, Sunita asks “What happened Ritu? Why are you crying?” “I don’t want to do this anymore, please can you give me my clothes? I am a guy, how can you make me do this. I was molested by two guys because of you.” “How can a guy be molested by guys? You are taking it too seriously. Just ignore them, like we do.” Lavanya says “At least now you know how we girls feel when guys like you touch us.” “I never do that. I am not like them. I would have hit them if I was a guy.” They all burst out laughing at that statement. Amisha looks at me and says “But we thought you were a guy.”

The next day morning again, I was made to wash all their clothes and Sunita and Sowmya were ready with that days clothing the moment I came out of the bathroom. I was to wear a boat-neck maroon top with 3/4th sleeves, it was short and stretchable material and hugged my body perfectly. If I bend, my cleavage was visible. They make me wear a  jeans with flared bottom. They put on all the makeup and give me some jewelry matching my top. Lavanya says “Ritesh, you know you look perfect don’t you? Have you started to enjoy this attention?” She comes close to me and gropes my butt which was looking perfect in the tight jeans. Like everyday, they first make me rehearse my walk, voice and other things and we leave to participate in the competition. Ranjit, like previous day keeps following me. He comes in the lunch time and sits next to me. “Ritu, you are very beautiful. When are you leaving? You know we can spend some time together it will be fun. I want to take you out for dinner.” “We have other plans. I cannot come alone with you.” “We can all together if you want.” “I will let you know.” After that I keep avoiding him. In the evening, there was again a concert and the girls ensure that I get dressed for it. We go for dancing and I bump into Sumit again, he smiles and pulls me to his group and makes me dance with him. I was wearing a blue skin tight dress with flared sleeves. It was the shorter than the previous two days and Lavanya makes me wear heels. The concert was in the open like the previous night and walking in heels on the uneven ground and in tight dress was really making me nervous. I was unable to walk in them and barely managing. I trip and fall over towards Sumit as we are dancing, he catches me and smiles at me. “You are literally falling for me.” and chuckles. I smile and gain my balance. He takes me to side, and I knew what was going to happen. He pulls me to him and makes me sit next to him on the rock. I blush. He turns me towards him and kisses me again. I moan and try to push him away, but that makes him hold me harder and he presses his lips on mine and pushes his tongue in my mouth. He runs his hands all over my body and I feel completely uncomfortable. When he finishes the kiss he holds me close to his face and looks in my eyes deeply as if was in love with me. I blush and push him away. He gives me his hand we go and dance again in his group. I try to look for the girls but could not see them. They had all gone their own way and I was all alone. I feel terrified. Sumit keeps me by his side, touching me and caressing me as we dance, smiling, hugging as if I was his girlfriend. I could not think a way to escape him. When I finally manage to split my way from him and reach the room, I realize that I was the last one to reach the room. I just blush as I enter the room and all four of them look at me. I wanted to runaway and hide.1-6.jpg


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    The classic luggage missing is back! On a trip, losing the baggage, and stuck with only four girls, who doesn’t want to waste their money, because of the shopping spree they planned later, what will you do? Moreover, what will they do?

    Check Part 2 from the story, Memoir Of A College Girl.

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