Memoir of a College Girl – Part 3 (last)

I feel little relaxed as the convention was over and now I will not have to face so many people. I was thinking about how I will be able to relax, without the makeup and dressing up for whole day. However, instead of feeling happy, I was feeling sad. Over this three days we had clicked numerous group photos and Lavanya insisted that I be part of the pictures. I was not sure how I was going to explain to the rest of my classmates on where I was or worse what if they recognize me in the picture. But with all this torture and humiliation, I was still longing the company of these girls even if they were tormenting me. As usual I was the last one to get up from the bed, I was not sure how I was able to sleep so well in these clothes and how I could not wake up before them. As I walk to the bathroom, Amisha says “Dear please can you wash all our clothes.” They had made me wash all their clothes including their undergarments all three days. I was feeling completely humiliated that I was doing their bidding instead of fighting with them. When I walk out of the bathroom. Sunita and Sowmya were waiting for me, with a big smile. I was not sure why they were smiling, but when I see what they were holding I realize my predicament. They had a sleeveless top with floral patterns in black and a pink skirt. The skirt was of cotton and was just ending above my knees. I get terrified and say “Please please I can’t wear that. It is too revealing. I won’t be comfortable in that.” Sowmya says “Ritesh, do you like girls in skirt? Do you like to look at them?” “Yes….I mean no…..” Sunita says “You need to learn how it feels to walk in skirt, when men are gazing at you. Trust me, you will love the way it feels.” “Please I cannot wear it. Please I will do anything else you say. But I cannot wear this.” Sunita screams “You will do as we say anyways. You will wear this outfit today. Now don’t argue and let us get you ready.”

They apply the makeup first today. I could see that I have got pink lips and pink eye shadow. They pull out the tape and hold by man boobs together and run tape around by chest. I could not realize what they were trying to do until they finish. They had applied the tape in such a way that I had a natural looking cleavage. They help me put on the bra. I could only realize how precarious my situation was when I put on the top. The top had deep round neck, revealing my cleavage, which was more evident and visible if I bent. The top was quite loose and I realize that I will have to keep pulling it up to keep my modesty intact. When I look at the reflection in the mirror, I only saw a perfectly made up girl, there was no trace of boy. I only realized that the top was going to be much bigger problem than the skirt until I wore it. The skirt was flaring and very soft and it was turning me on. After the first day, however they always used to tape my cock and today it was hurting. If I was not careful, when I sit my panties will be visible. If I bend without holding it, it will ride up. It meant I will have to keep one hand on my chest and one on my ass if I was bending down. I was terrified, and a drop of tear runs down my left eye. Sunita notices it and says “Stop crying like a girl, it will ruin your makeup.”  I was in for one more surprise today. Lavanya throws her heels towards me and says “Put them on sweetie, they will look you more desirable.” The heels were 3 inches, with my toes visible and a strap around ankles. I struggle to put them on as my hands tremble. Once I put them on and get on my feet, like everyday they make me walk, practise my sitting and voice. When we are about to leave I gather courage and ask “Where are we going?” 

They just ignore me, and ask to get along. We sit in two different autos and reach the place, they had planned to go for street shopping. I was petrified at the thought of walking on street as a girl. I could not believe what they were making me do. I look at Lavanya with pleading eyes and say “Please Lavanya can I go back to the hostel. I don’t think this is a good idea.” “Don’t worry Ritu, we are with you.” Amisha holds my hand as she speaks. Sunita chuckles and winks at Sowmya. The problem was none of them were dressed as provocative as me and neither had makeup like mine. I was scared that all the attention in the group will be directed at me. I wanted to hide. I could not understand why I even agreed to wear these clothes. Suddenly the college campus with thousands of students started to feel safer. We start walking down the Commercial Street visiting various shops and they keep checking out tops, accessories and all other stuff in happy girly banter. They keep asking me for opinions as if I was one of them and they even ask me to choose something if I wanted to. I was completely humiliated. In one of the shop, Lavanya says “I am too tired of trying these clothes, Ritu, why don’t you model it for me.” I look at her in surprise. “Oh come on don’t look at me like that, I know you want to try them and see how you look. And don’t forget I can tell them your real gender if you don’t behave properly.” She hands me heaps of tops and bottoms. I get in the trial room and start with the tops. When I walk out in the first top out of the trial room, Sowmya clicks my pic. “Ritu, please can you try this one with the jeans, the skirt doesn’t look good with it.” I walk back and change it to jeans. The only good thing about the whole thing was I was able to remove the tight and torturous heels. When I walk out back, they ask me to turn around, look at sides and make poses as if I was some model. I hesitate for few minutes as others in the shop start looking at what we were upto. But after three outfits, it was like normal and I was doing as they say. I tried some ten different outfits and they bought only two. Now I was scared, what if this continued for rest of the day. I was already tired.

At lunch time, we have some street food and the vendor kept gazing at me. As we across the street I heard at least three cat calls teasing me. One of the guy crossing us on the street even winked at me. I was so shy I just look down and ignore him.

After lunch, the girls decide that they need to buy sarees for their moms and we head to the saree store on the MG road. My feet were already hurting in the heels. I was feeling totally humiliated and ashamed of myself. Once they start looking at sarees, and shortlist some. The salesperson asks if we would like to try them, girls unanimously say yes and look at me. I get up from the chair sheepishly and stand in front of the full length mirror on the small stool without even arguing with them. The salesperson starts picks up one saree and starts to wrap it around my waist. He keeps touching my bare hands and chest and runs his fingers around my waist. His touch turns me on. He keeps gazing at my chest and every now I try to pull up my top but the cleavage was clearly visible. I try to speak as less as possible in my girly voice which was becoming more natural now. As he puts the pallu on my shoulder, I can see a perfect looking girl in the mirror. I was mesmerized by my own reflection. They ask me to turn around, they smile as they realize from my expression how I was feeling. They make comments and tease me how beautiful I was looking. They make me try all the sarees. Instead of buying 4 sarees, they buy 5. Once the payment is done, Sunita smiles at me and says “This is for your mother, she will be very happy.”  I look at her in surprise. She smiles and says “Girls are more caring, since you are a girl it makes more sense that you buy something for your mom.” I just blush and smile back.

It was already evening and we decide to go back to the hostel, but on the way back to the room we come across Ranjit and his friends. Amisha immediately calls them out and suggests that we go out for dinner. They agree in a instant as if they were waiting for us to invite. I feel completely intimidated now, how will I manage this. I smile at him. He comes towards me and says “You are looking gorgeous today.” I knew where this was going, and I say “You mean to say I am looking like a mess and tired.” “No Ritu, you look fab, I mean it.” He starts walking next to me. I keep my eyes low and feel intimidated. I was not sure why I was feeling small and vulnerable even if I was quite big for being a girl. Ranjit was maybe an inch or two taller than me, but he had an athletic build and wide chest and shoulders. He was very handsome too. When we reach the place, he acts chivalrous and pulls the chair for me and helps me to sit. I smile and thank him. Sowmya smiles and winks at me. Amisha sits on the other side. He starts to talk to me about all normal things, he offers his help in ordering the food for me sharing it with me. Amisha keeps nudging me to speak everytime I hesitate. Once we are done with the meal, while walking back, he holds my hand and makes me walk slower than others. All other girls and guys walk like 10 steps before us. He holds me close and pulls me closer by wrapping his hands around my waist. I blush and look down. I try to push his hand away but, I love the touch of his hands on my waist and I leave it after I fail to get him away from me. When we reach our building, they suggest that we should meet up again and go for sightseeing tomorrow. Lavanya and Sunita agrees with them enthusiastically. I just flinch and shiver at the thought of spending whole day with Ranjit.

Once we reach in the room, they start teasing me. They make me strip and wax my whole body again, and say “Tomorrow will be very special day for you Ritu. Ranjit and Ritu sounds so nice.” They burst out laughing as they see me blush. Lavanya, makes me massage her feet, I cringe, I was massaging someone’s feet when my own were hurting like hell. I fall asleep thinking about the next day. I pray to God, as I dreaded they would make me wear something even more revealing and I would be in bigger trouble. In the morning when Sowmya comes to wake me up, I realize that I had ejaculated again. I try to hide my wet pyjama, but Sowmya notices it and winks at me “Ritu, you will have to share the dream with me or I shall tell Ranjit that you dreamt of him.” I just blush and say, “I did dream of him.” I was speaking in my girly voice even when it was not required. She bursts out laughing and says “In that case we have lot of work to do, he should dream of you tonight.” She pushes me to the bathroom.

She was holding a cotton spaghetti top and jeans shorts. I just die of embarrassment of wearing such a revealing outfit. I turn around and say ”Sowmya please no, not this. I beg. I am not ready for this.” Sowmya bursts out laughing, ”Look how she is talking Amisha, as if she is a girl.” I blush. She says “You have such a nice smooth body, you ought to show it to the world.” I just blush and look down. They ask me to put up the bra and panties after tucking my cock with tape. They had decided to not put on lot of makeup today but they apply some rolls in my hair and they start blowing them with hair dryer. Once the makeup is done, they ask me to put on the shorts and the top. I beg for not wearing the clothes, but they do not heed my request. Once I put on the shorts, I beg again. I get on my knees, I was in bra, with makeup and was wearing tight fit jeans shorts. Sunita looks down at me and says “You look very pretty down on your knees. Beg a little more.” and she pushes my head down. Lavanya says “If we change your top, you will have to do as we say for the rest of the day, without any argument. If you argue we will let the guys know your real name and situation.” I readily agree to avoid the spaghetti top which would have been very revealing. Sowmya throws something at me. I pick them up, it was a black t-shirt with wide neck, off-shoulder type with short sleeves and a red vest. It was only marginally better than the spaghetti top. I look at her and say “Please Sowmya this is same as the other one.” “This is all we have, that would fit you.” She comes and wipes my lipstick and puts on the red one matching the vest. I knew I had no choice. They ask me to wear sports shoes today, they were a number smaller than mine but they were more comfortable than the heels. Amisha removes the rollers from my hair. I could see that my hair looked voluminous. I was amazed how a simple thing like that could change my complete look. Like everyday, they make me sit, walk and speak like a girl before we leave the room. I was actually getting pretty good at acting like a girl by now. Before we leave, Lavanya says “Ritu, today you will flirt with Ranjit and act like his girlfriend. If you fail we will let him know your real name and gender. Is it clear?” I get teary eyes and say “Lavanya, please no. I will not do that. Please.” “We changed your top, you forgot? What was the condition for changing your top?” I just blush red and look down and we leave the room. I wasn’t sure what would be more humiliating, flirting with a guy or telling them that I was a boy dressed like a girl.

We meet the guys at the gate of our building, Ranjit looks at me and smiles broadly. He says “Good Morning, if you were trying to impress someone, just want to let you know this morning you look gorgeous.” I smile, blush and say “Thanks Ranjit, you know whom I am trying to impress, don’t you?”. We get in to a rented car, Ranjit pulls me in the car he was sitting along with Amisha. He sits next to me in the car in the back and Amisha enters from the other side. I was sandwiched between them and his friend was in the front. They had planned out visiting different museums, gardens and palaces across the city and the driver starts taking us to different places. I hesitantly lean on Ranjit during the ride smiling when he looks at me. I start to touch his hands, and smile and flirt with him. I start praising his looks in my most girly voice. I also ask him to take pictures, and in couple of them I almost hug him. Sunita and Sowmya notices how I was trying to flirt and they tease Ranjit of avoiding me.

By the time we reach the garden, Ranjit was completely comfortable with me flirting with him. He holds my hand, puts his hands around my waist, smiles at me and all this to my surprise was turning me on. I was glad that I had my cock tucked in tight or else my hard on would have been visible. I can see twinkle in eyes of Amisha as she notices how uncomfortable I was getting due to all this attention. I keep trying to have normal conversation, giggle at his jokes and blush when praises me. Lavanya, comes to me and says “You will kiss him before tonight. It’s an order.” I just get nervous and try to argue but she leaves me. We keep roaming around in the garden. When we were walking back, I hold his hand and lean on his shoulder as if I was tired. When we get in the car, I could see a bulge in his crotch. I was so embarrassed that I immediately look away. We go to the palace and then for lunch and in the afternoon we again decide to go for shopping as the sightseeing was not that exciting for any of us. I was just scared that they will make me do all the trials again in front of these guys and I get butterflies in my stomach.

The girls get to decide where to go. I just try and keep closer to Amisha as in all the girls she was the only one who had some soft corner for me. But like I suspected, Lavanya orders me to try the outfits for her and others. They buy clothes only for them, when Ranjit sees I haven’t bought anything, he gets curious and asks “Why have you not bought anything Ritu?” I look down and just say “Its ok, I don’t want anything.” Sunita, overhears me, she comes closer to me and says “Actually Ranjit, she can’t buy anything as she does not have any money. You know her purse was stolen in the train.” “Please Sunita, there is no need to share this now.”

Ranjit says “It’s okay I am sure it was not your mistake. If you want to buy something I can pay for you.” Sunita scowls “She will not take money from us, so good luck with that. I offered to buy clothes for her yesterday but she didn’t want to.” Ranjit smiles and says “Ritu, come on it is ok, friends are there to help. Come lets buy something for you.” He pulls me to the counter and asks “Tell me which one do you like and I will buy it for you.” I get really uncomfortable, “Ranjit, its ok, I don’t like anything. Maybe you can pay for something else later.” I try to escape. He says “If you don’t tell me what you like, I will buy something that I like. Don’t complaint after that.” “Please Ranjit, let us not make a scene.” Lavanya walks next to me and says “Select something or I will tell the real reason to him.”

Now I was in fix. I try to select something very simple, and Ranjit says “No that doesn’t suit you. Let me help.” I end up trying ten other tops, he makes me wear some jeans and keeps commenting on how good or bad it looked on me. Amisha and Sowmya joins him and they make me select two tops and jeans as I was not able to make up my mind. Ranjit pays for all the clothes. I ended up buying a pink top with a bow on the shoulder, and glittering print, a white chiffon semi-transparent top with spaghetti, a blue skin tight jeans and a black skirt. I was completely embarrassed and humiliated. I was sweating and flustered on the way out of the shop. By the time we finish it was almost evening. Lavanya comes to me and says “You have to kiss him or you will have to stay out on the street tonight.” I had been out on the streets as girl for past two days, how worse can I get, I think in anger.

We go to one of the restaurants close by for dinner. We all order drinks as we were tired and have good food. We get in the car, and I had got used to sitting next to Ranjit by now. On our way, I look at him with a naughty smirk, at least that is what I thought it was. I bend forward, pull him closer and kiss on his lips lightly. This turns him on and he pulls me closer and kisses me deeply, his tongue penetrating my mouth, hands running all over. I just hope that he doesn’t find out that I am a guy now. Amisha looks at all this in surprise. The cab driver looks confused and surprised. I just look at Amisha and she approves of the kiss and rests her hand on my thigh. Ranjit caresses my neck and pulls me closer, I could smell his sweat and I can feel bulge in his crotch as he pulls my hand rests it in his lap interlocked with his. My cock was bursting to, but it was too tight and constricted by the tape and I could hardly feel anything.

As we get down, Ranjit asks me about my train details, and to my surprise they were on the same train. I was now completely terrified, it would mean that I will have to be dressed as girl even tomorrow. I could not think of anything to avoid and Amisha puts nail on the coffin “Oh cool that means we can spend some more time together. How nice Ritu.” I just wanted to runaway.

In the night they make me pack all the bags, leaving only five outfits. I was advised to wear the top and jeans that I had got as gift. I knew that it would completely flatter Ranjit and I will be in bigger trouble after the kiss.The other pair of the clothes and Saree fits in my backpack. I was not sure why I would carry them home but for now I had no choice. We head for the station and find that Ranjit and his friends were already there waiting for us. We get in the train, luckily their coach was three coaches away from us. I was just praying that they don’t find someway to sneak closer to us. So after the train starts, the guys come over to our seats and we sit their chatting and playing games. Ranjit sits next to me and says “Thanks for wearing this. I really like the way you look in this.” “Ranjit, thanks for the gifts. I am glad you like it.” “Ritu, your turn to dance now.” Lavanya declares. I knew that I did not have a choice. I get up and start to move and match my moves to the song that they were singing. In the evening the guys finally leave.

Lavanya says “So Ritu, tell us how you feel now, do you like being a girl? Are you enjoying? I would say you did well yesterday. No real guy would have done it.” Sunita says “I am sure he is enjoying, and by the looks of it, it does not seem to be his first time as girl.” I get beet red and blush. I fumble “No….no it’s my first time….okay. I just want it to get over.” “Okay, okay, but tell me how did that kiss feel?” Sowmya asks. I again blush, I could not lie “It was nice. I liked it.” “So will you kiss him again?” Amisha asks. “No no no…that’s not what I meant. Please stop teasing me.” “We will stop if you kiss him again.” Lavanya declares. “Else I can leave a note telling him your reality.”

I just blush and could not figure out why I was feeling so compelled to hide my identity in front of some guys who did not know me anyways. I was not sure if it was humiliating as I was getting turned on by the thought of kissing him again. In the morning before we see the guys again, they make me shave and do my makeup so that I look presentable. Our train was to reach the destination in the late night so I had full day to find an opportunity to kiss Ranjit. The guys turn up again in the afternoon with some snacks from the station. We keep chatting for sometime, I get up to go to toilet. When I walk out of the toilet, Ranjit was standing near the train door. He calls me next to him. We stand facing each other, he leans forward to kiss me, I push him lightly and look around. There was no one looking at us. I bend forward and kiss him again. This was fourth time I had kissed in seven days as a girl. If I was a guy I might have not even got one. We break the kiss, I adjust my hair and top and go to my seat. Sunita looks at my lips and winks at me. I blush. She nudges Lavanya as Ranjit walks by. They both share a giggle and I feel like becoming invisible.

Now when I think of those days I feel like I could have continued them forever. The memories from those seven days are so fresh, that I cannot ever forget them. The kisses, the attention, the makeup, the clothes, everything was so perfect like a dream, I don’t want to come to reality.


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