Sissy Task – Flash your sissy side

Hello Sissy Gurls!

I hope you have not missed me too much!! If you have missed me or my tasks, today will be a good day to prove that you really like my tasks.

As I have posted several times, I do like to wear panties under my normal boy clothes and every sissy like me should do that regularly to remind themselves of their status.

So today’s task is very simple. You need only a pair of very girly, pink or red panties or thongs. The panties should be so girly that it cannot be mistaken as guys underwear.

I am sure you would have guessed what you need to do. You have to wear it, but not under your work clothes but a low rise jeans. The task is not to just wear it, but you will flash your panties at three different occasions on purpose so that people around you can notice it clearly.

You will do it in a public, or semi private place, to unknown people. You will bend, sit or do whatever it takes to flash them to strangers. The minimum number of people that should have noticed it is three. You will ensure they have noticed that you are wearing panties and that you are a sissy boy.

You will return home and if you have successfully completed the task you will cum in those panties and lick it clean with your tongue.

Let me know how it goes. Be a good girl.

Buh bye



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