Advice for Sissies – Online submission and tasks

Hello Sissies!

I started this blog as a personal diary and things which I thought were missing from the internet. As a sissy myself, I felt that there should be a blog which other wannabe sissies could follow and learn.

I had found that there are very few sites which offer free tasks and most of them are sexual in nature. I wanted to have a balance so I decided to write some tasks based on my imagination and experience.

In the past few months, I have been contacted by many wannabes and I was surprised at how less the attention span was or how low was the commitment. I have been a slave/sub/sissy to numerous online Mistress/Master and based on my experience I wanted to list down some advice to the wannabe sissies.

If you think you are really looking to be a sissy and approach someone online, the onus is on you to prove your commitment. Some things for you to consider:

1. Firstly you should be clear on what you are looking for, and how far you would like to go and what will be the most comfortable way for you to communicate. I have done it in all sorts of way, on mail, on chat, video, etc. and if both of you are committed it works either way.

2. Your Mistress/ Master is going to spend some time to design or provide you instructions for tasks, as a sub/sissy it is your duty to respect it and follow the instructions and report it the way it was requested. If it was a detailed text report, take some time and write it. If it was a pic, send it. Don’t ask for a task and then give an excuse for not doing it. For eg. Shopping task does not need your pic but a proof like a reciept and the pic of the product with a tag is enough. Or taking a pic in sissy clothes without your face is a way to show your commitment.

3. Treat this as a long distance relationship and build the trust and take time to move in deeper. Don’t expect that you will get the maximum bang out in the first task itself. If that’s what you want, please buy tasks from professional femdom, where you will find that the responsibility will be yours to complete the task.

4. It will be very fulfilling and fun if you are honest and decided to follow the instructions and rules even if it weren’t to your liking like you would have done it for a real life, Dom.

5. The most difficult part is to accept the punishment and follow through the instructions. One way is to make a video of yourself doing the punishment and share it with Dom. Like for spankings, it should not be number but the redness of the cheeks as deciding factor. You can always hide your face or any other identifiers if privacy is an issue.

In the end the relationship may work or not, but the most important part is to have fun and commit to it. I may think of some more things and share later maybe!

Buh Bye



7 thoughts on “Advice for Sissies – Online submission and tasks

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  1. Hi, I am a sissy Deepali and regular reader of your blog. I have carried out almost every task you suggested many even before ot was suggested. I love safe mild self humiliation specially infront of girls.
    I have shopped many makeup products from malls and beautyshops wearing makeupyself like eyeliner, kajal , nailpolish. Even I applied masacara infront of sales girls for testing n selecting it. I have gone to salon for waxing, gel nail polish n nail art. Every time I go to shop / salon wears earring which r definitely not male . Visited mall manytimes wearing bra under my shirt and even worn ladies shirt. I have even gone to a shop wearing all makeup and bindi one time just like Transgender also. Once for my waxing session i worn bangles and bra which shown to the girl and also shared my girlyside with her.

    Your task are really encouraging to Sissies like us. Keep posting it.

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    1. Hello Deepali, your comment is very encouraging. I do like going out as sissy as well as a girl. I think it’s exciting and humiliating at the same time. I wish I would have done some of the things you mentioned.

      Keep reading! And posting comments as it helps me to be more motivated 😉


      1. Hi Alisha, It is really nice that you accept and love to progress being sissy. Trust me initially you might afraid but have to continuously remind your mind about your being sissy then your nervousness reduces. Start doing step by step you will start to get happyness out of self humiliation as well

        With love,
        Deepali Sissy


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