Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 13

When we reach home, Natasha says “You will be meeting Abhimanyu today, I will only have one word advice for you ‘Behave’.” She parks the car and we walk to the room. She enters me room, opens the cupboard and I can see that my wardrobe was organized with all the clothes that we had shopped over the weekend and some sarees were arranged for me. I get terrified at the prospect of wearing saree and meeting a guy.

I was not even sure of what to make out of the advice ‘Behave’. I follow her instructions and get undressed and clean myself, by the time out of the bathroom, she had laid a peach colored saree on the bed. I pick up the blouse and the petticoat and wear them by myself and she helps me drape the saree. She does the makeup again and says “I think this will please jiju.” and applies a very hot pink lipstick on my lips. I look at my reflection in the mirror and I see a beautiful girl, standing in a manly stance, a little clumsy but no one can say that I was a man.

She leaves the room, and says “Wait for me, I will call you once I am fresh. I am sure jiju is already home, if you don’t want to be punished stay in the room.” I stand there terrified. I was not sure what was about to happen and why Natasha was again and again warning me. I sit on the bed scared and nervous, wondering what was in store. I was remembering the rules that the sisters gave me and I remember that I was to be their personal maid. I was not even sure what that meant. I hear the knock on the door. I open the door with trembling hands, my palms were sweating and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It was Natasha. She gestures me to follow her. We enter Neerja’s room. Neerja Madam was standing near the vanity and Abhimanyu was sitting at the desk. He was looking absolutely handsome. He was well groomed, he was wearing ironed crisp pyjamas. He was clean shaved and had a perfect black hair. He was like a perfect match to Neerja Madam. He looks at me, with his deep piercing eyes. I blush and look down. He gets up, and that is when I realize that he was almost 4 to 5 inches taller than me and had a well built athletic body with broad shoulders and perfectly flat stomach. I could only envy his body. Neerja Madam was so lucky to have him and was perfect match for her beauty.

He walks to me and says “Good evening, Prinsi.”

“Good evening, Sir.” I address him as Sir, involuntarily. I was intimidated by him.

“Good girl, you know your manners. I am glad.”

He looks at Neerja and smiles, “Neerja, my love, why don’t you show him his gifts.” He refers to my masculine self and I realize that he knows I am a guy. It makes me feel completely humiliated. Neerja says, “Off course, but he needs to strip down to accept them. Natasha can you please help him.” She goes to the wardrobe and Natasha helps me to remove the saree. I remove the petticoat and blouse. Natasha says “Your bra and panties too.” I remove them a little hesitantly. Abhimanyu was sitting on the chair. I had my fully hairless body on display. I was deeply humiliated and I try to cover my cock with my hands. “Put your hands behind your back, Prinsi.” Abhimanyu says as I look at him. I obey. Neerja was standing in front of me with two packages. “Select which one would you like to open first, Prinsi.” I look at both her hands and select the smaller package, assuming that it will be less humiliating.

She smiles and opens the package, it was some kind of triangular metal belt, with some adjustable holes. She hands me the belt, and says “Put it on, dear. It is something that you will hate and love over time, it is called chastity belt.” I had no idea what it meant and how I was to wear it. She says “Wear it like you will wear your panties.” I put my legs in two holes and pull it up. The metal plate comes in the front. Neerja goes behind me and pulls the belt attached to the metal plate tightening the belt on my cock and the belt on the waist tightens the location. I hear a click sound, and Neerja says “You won’t be able to remove this without our help.” She hands one key to Natasha. When I look down I was terrified. The belt ensured that I was almost flat and no one can see what was behind the belt. I can feel my balls and cock twitching behind the plate, it was painful but not unbearable. I looked like a girl whose pussy has been locked and not a guy with a cock. Neerja pulls out her phone and says “This belt will ensure that you can never use your cock again until we want you to use. The best part of the belt is in my hands though.” She presses something in the app and I can feel a light vibration over my cock making it hard. I try to stay calm and steady, but the vibrations make my cock rock hard, but there was no space to grow and it starts to hurt within seconds. I start to wiggle and twitch unable to stand straight. Both Natasha and Neerja start to giggle. “There is one more thing, it has a GPS so we can know where you are and if we fix the range, everytime you step out of the range you will trigger the vibrator.” I look at them in horror still trying to figure out how to stop the vibrator. They smile and say “Oh dear, wouldn’t you thank us for the gift.” I try to regain my composure and say “Thank you Madam Neerja and Madam Natasha.” Neerja turns off the vibrator. I feel relaxed and it dawns on me that I have the next package waiting for me.

“For this one you will have to lie down on the floor, Prinsi.” Neerja chuckles. I lay down on the floor without any resistance. I can feel the cold floor touching my body. She opens the box and I can see two silicone breasts. I was completely terrified and I try to get up. Abhimanyu walks to me and says “Stay still, or I will have to tie you up and punish you.” The tone and the words were so harsh I just don’t dare to move a muscle. Both Natasha and Neerja apply a cream on my chest, and wait for couple of minutes as per the instructions on the bottle. The cream starts to burn and I can feel the heat all over my chest. I feel like some part of my body was evaporating. They press the two breasts on my chest and the heat suddenly dissipates in to them. They hold the breasts for couple of minutes in the position, than peel of the sides and bind it to my skin. The heat was gone. They help me stand up. I can feel the weight of the breasts on my chest. Natasha says “Stand straight.” I pull back my shoulders and stand straight. Abhimanyu walks to me and pinches my real looking nipple and to my shock his pinch is transferred to my own chest as a sharp electric shock, I jump and pull away. “Oh it really works as per the description.” he chuckles. I look at all three in horror. I try to pull out the breast but it only results in more pain. “Prinsi, this can be only removed if we apply the removal cream, so don’t try to damage your breasts. Anyways they suit you.” I can feel them moving with my body as if they were part of my body. When I now look at the reflection in the mirror, I could only see Prinsi and no Vishal. No one can guess I was Vishal from the way I looked. I was flustered and horrified.

Abhimanyu looks at me with a sly smile and says “Natasha you were right about him. I would make sure that he behaves as perfect as he looks. Prinsi, come here and kneel at my feet.” I was the only person naked in the room, I was blushing pink. I was glad that at least my cock was not visible. I walk to him and kneel next to his chair. When I kneel he says “You should always have your head bowed down and looking towards ground unless instructed, have your hands behind your back and keep your back straight.” I keep following his instruction, I could feel the weight of my breasts, as I look towards the floor I can see my ample breasts and I can feel my cock getting harder and I feel confused. “This is your normal position in my presence. You will always sit on floor or stand in my presence with hands behind your back and head bowed. I want you to learn how to present yourself as a girl. You will never speak until you are spoken too. You will always reply in “Yes” to all of us. Understood?” “Yes Sir.” “Good boy.” he said, reminding me that I was still a guy. It felt more humiliating. “You will do as we say else you will be punished. I want you to be the most obedient girl. Now kiss my feet and lick them clean, I have heard you are very good at it.” I bent over and start to kiss his feet and as try to bring my hands in front he says “No you are not to use your hands.” I flinch, but I obey. I keep my balance, spread my knees and bend over, my newly acquired breasts start to touch the floor and as I move around licking his feet, the breasts start to rub against the floor resulting in tingling sensation to my own nipples. I moan as I get teased this way, my cock starts to twitch inside the constricting belt. I wiggle as I try to concentrate on licking his toes and feet. I was so turned on by the experience, I was just being turned on by the thought of how hot the scene was, with me on my knees, two girls overseeing me and I was busy licking feet of a guy. This was the first time was doing it for a guy. They keep talking about various things but I was only focussed in pleasing Abhimanyu and was being turned on. I could feel that my cock was about to explode, I was going to cum while I was licking someone’s feet, the humiliation and embarrassment of the same made me more aroused and I was panting as I kept licking and sucking his toes. With my hands behind my back, I was almost leaning on his feet and it looked like I was desperate to lick them. I moan as I ejaculate in the chastity belt, but I was still turned on. I was not able to stop licking his feet. The cum starts to drip down my thighs and the humiliation of it being visible to everyone just arouses me further and I ejaculate more instead of stopping. The tickling on the nipples doesn’t seem to stop.

Abhimanyu pulls his feet away and says “Prinsi, I think you had enough of my feet, look up.” I look up as ordered, my eyes were dilated, I was shaking and moaning. I could imagine how hot I would be looking on my knees, completely eager to please with my face covered in saliva. “Would you not thank me?” “Thank you Sir.” “Did you enjoy and like my feet?” “Mmm…Nnnn….Yes Sir” I just remember the rule and correct myself. “Good girl” and all three of them burst in laughter. “You will sleep naked tonight. You are dismissed.”

I walk to my room naked, completely humiliated, dripping of cum and my mouth was hurting from all the licking. I lie down on the floor and start to cry. I weep till I could not weep anymore. I could not even recall what date it was, I had not seen anyone apart from Natasha, for past few weeks. I try to sleep but I was still so aroused and my penis was continuously throbbing for release. I could not understand what was happening to me and how could I ever get out of this situation.


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