Sissy Task – New year resolution

Hello my lovely sissy gurls!

How are you doing? Are you looking for a new year resolutions for a sissy? Are you trying to find out new ways to be a good sissy?

Well, I have two small things that you can take up as new year resolutions. No don’t be scared it will not make you uncomfortable but it will surely make you feel girly and nice.

I want you to shave your underarms and pubic area including your balls, ass and crotch on regular basis. You should be shaving them every alternate day. The key to the shaving is the kit, you will not use your manly razor.  You will get a dedicated body razor meant for girls like you and use only that for shaving your body parts. Oh Yes! you will not just stop there.  You will also apply body cream/moisturizer meant for girls, you know what I mean. I am sure are dying to try some of those lovely feminine smelling creams yourself.  This will help you to experience your girly side without being humiliated.

If you don’t want to shave your underarms and pubic area you can use hair removal cream or wax it, but you will do it on regular basis and keep these body parts smooth and clean. Understood my girl? 

The other resolution is much simpler but a little risqué. You will start using female deodorant and perfume at all times. It has to be nice flowery smell that you should emanate at all times. After all you are girl isn’t it?

Happy New Year!

Buh Bye



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