Triple A – Part 1

It was a hot sweltering day of Mumbai and I was struggling to keep myself awake in the train as I was returning to my room. I was so tired and was looking forward to catch up with my sleep when I reach my room. I was hoping to not find Anurag as it was saturday and he never used to work on weekends. I was going to throw him out of the room if he was to disrupt my plans of going to sleep like he always did with some excuse or the other. I could imagine myself picking him up on my shoulders as I was six feet tall and he was only five feet and very lean. But he was very good with his persuasion skills and we would always end up doing what he suggested, screwing up my plans for rest and sleep. He was very good at talking and convince me to do things which he would like to do over the weekends, when I would like to take rest. He had a very fair skin and looked very handsome despite of his shorter height.

We used to stay in a pretty small apartment which had living room, one bedroom, kitchen and a toilet. Anurag was staying before and I moved in as a new tenant one month back. Anurag had the full place to him for almost six months and he was visibly upset when I joined him. But we had become great friends, as he realized that I used to do most of the housework to keep the flat clean as I was cleanliness freak. I was a good cook too and he enjoyed that. Anurag used to only do some shopping to help me out. I used to hate him for being lazy and untidy. I walk up the stairs and unlock the room I can’t believe my eyes. Anurag had just walked out of the toilet door in a saree. I was as much shocked as him as he was not expecting me to be home. I could not imagine it to be true and before he could hide or run away back in toilet I take a picture of him in the saree. He was still standing still and wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. I laugh and mock him. “Anurag, what is all this? Why are you wearing a saree? Are you insane?” I was looking at him and various things were running in my mind. He looked terrified and he finally speaks.

“Aakash, I just like dressing up as girl and I do it sometimes when I am alone. I am not some weirdo or pervert. I will go and change.”

“Oh wait, I would like to have a better explanation, why would a guy dress up like a girl?” I look at how he had draped his saree, it was perfect. I also see that he looked very good except for the hair all over his body. I stare at him looking for more answers.

“Just like that, I just love the feel of girls clothing.”

“So what do you do after you dress up?”

“Nothing, I just watch TV or walk around and model for a while and then change back to boy clothes.” He tries to avoid my eyes and look away, very eager to runaway.

“Hmm I see, come on show me how you model and walk. Don’t be shy I won’t tell it to anyone.””

“Aakash, I don’t want to look funny. I will just change and come back.” He tries to escape. I try to find a way to stop him as I was loving the way it was going.

“Oh Anurag, come on let us just have some fun between friends, okay do only three poses in which you think you look good.” He hesitates but goes in the center of the room and makes a pose. I pull out my phone and take picture. He does two more and I take more pictures.

“Anurag, you look good, no seriously you are looking great. But you need to be more presentable.”

“Aakash, stop making fun of me. I will change and come back.”

“No you will not change. Listen to me first, I want you to dress in girls clothes whenever you want, but you will need to be more presentable and act more girly.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Aakash, this is my secret please leave it to that. I am not going to do it in front of you.”

“Well if you don’t do as I say, I will post these photos on my facebook and tag you.”

“Are you trying to blackmail me?” He asks me visibly terrified.

“No I am trying to help you become a better girl.” And I burst out laughing.

“What do you mean? I am not interested in becoming a girl.”

“Look who’s talking, you are already dressed like a girl. But look at your hands and belly they don’t look like a girl. Nor does your face look like a girl. If you dress up like a girl you need to be clean shaved like them.”

“Aakash, please don’t make fun of me. I am already embarrassed and upset.”

“No I am not making fun of you. I am serious.”

He looks at me with his mouth open, “What do you mean? I told you I am a normal guy.”

“I insist you listen to me or I will share the pictures on Facebook, right now.” He stops moving and looks at me in terror almost begging to not do it.

“Firstly as a girl you should be clean shaved all the time. I will not accept a hairy girl roaming in my house. Secondly, if you are dressed as girl, you better behave a bit like girls which means you will be responsible for cleaning the house every weekend, cook for both of us, do laundry, etc. etc.”

“What?? No way am I going to do all that. We share this place. I am not going to do that, I am not your servant.”

“Hmm…well if you don’t follow my instructions, the pics will be on facebook by the time you change and come back. So decide what you want to do.”

Anurag stands there thinking about it for few minutes, I go and change my clothes and come back to the room. He looks at me and says “Only for today, I will do as you say. You will delete the pictures after that.”

“Anurag, if you do as I say, I will do as you say.”

“Ok, I will do it for today.”

He walks to the bathroom and starts to shave all of his body. I supervise the process and instruct him to be fully smooth everywhere. He feels shy initially but starts to follow the instructions very nicely once he understands that I will not let him loose. I ensure that he is completely clean shaved from all sides. I make him bend over and shave his ass and back of thighs for him, when it is done I ask him to take nice shower. After shower he puts on the same saree and blouse, even without make-up he looked much better than before. I took couple of pictures to just prove to him that it was better this way. I pull out a red pen and draw a bindi on his forehead. He tries to resist but he was in no position to win any arguments today. I had also made two fake boobs with help of the socks and some other clothes which I stuff in his blouse. He looked more like a girl now, fully shaved, with nice boobs. I make him adjust the saree such that most of his chest was visible.

I smile at him and say “Anurag, you look much better now, but I can’t call you Anurag, it doesn’t match your look. We need to find more suitable name.”

“Aakash, you are taking it too far. It is only for today.”

“Exactly, it is only for one day, what’s the harm? What’s in the name? Like Shakespeare said.”

“I am not going to play along, you are getting this all wrong.”

“You do not have a say in anything for today, I will post your pictures on facebook if you don’t agree, it is that simple, do you understand……Alisha.?”

He looks confused at first and then realize that I was addressing him as Alisha and not Anurag. He blushes, exactly like a girl and looks down. “Yes Aakash.”

I take a seat on the bean bag and order him to get me a tea before he starts cleaning the house. Anurag goes to the kitchen and prepares tea. When he brings two cups in hands I send it back and say “Alisha, you are the maid, go get only one cup on a tray.” He tries to speak but I wave my phone and he just obeys like a little girl. I was starting to enjoy this. I wanted to catch up on my rest and this was the best way. He brings the cup on tray. I take the tea and start watching TV as he starts to clean the house. I keep taking more pics as he does his work, making sure his face is captured but he doesn’t know what I was doing. To my surprise he cleans up the whole house without making anymore fuss. He sweeps and mops the floor and it was fun watching Anurag struggle with the saree as he bent and stretched himself to clean the floor. Every time he bent his ass looked much bigger and perfect for spanking. After 30 minutes of watching him I tell him that I am going to sleep, he can wake me up once he has done the utensils and laundry. Anurag looks upset as it meant that he won’t be able to sleep.

When I wake up I check that he had washed all the utensils from last two days, which was a very good thing as most of the days I would be the one doing it. He had completed the laundry but had not dried the clothes in balcony. I look at him and ask “Alisha, why have you not put the clothes to dry in balcony?” “Someone will see me like this.” “We are on 10th floor no one has a view, go and do it and it is already dark outside.” He picks up the bucket and walks to the balcony reluctantly. I spy on him from the balcony window and take more pics of him hanging the clothes.

Once he walks back in the room Anurag says “Aakash now can I change back to my boy clothes?”

“No way, who is going to cook dinner for me? And the cleaning after?”

It was already 7 pm in the evening. He feels dejected and goes to kitchen but comes back. “Aakash what would you like to have for dinner?”

“That’s very good of you, why don’t you make me a Puri, bhaji and kheer.”

“But I don’t know that, Aakash.”

“Then why ask the question? Make whatever you can, but do not disappoint me.”

“I am not a good cook like you.”

“Well use YouTube, call your mom, I don’t care. But if the food is not good I will not let you change back to boy clothes.”

He looks at me in surprise and terrified. He had no clue of what to do. He goes back to kitchen and starts to make something. I just hope it was eatable enough as I had never seen him cooking before. After almost an hour, he comes to me again and says “Aakash, the dinner is ready. I have made dal-fry and Jeera Rice.” “What? Only two items and that took you one hour? Where you sleeping? It better be good or you will have to pay a big price for it.” I scream at Anurag. He looks terrified. “Go get my plate. You will not eat until I am finished with my dinner. Understood Alisha?” I purposefully call him by that name.

He runs to the kitchen and brings the plate. I taste the first spoon in suspicion, but it was not that bad. I smile at him and say “Good job Alisha, it is not that bad. I would give you six out of 10. But next time it has to be better.” “Next time? There is no next time, Aakash.” “Oh come on you can cook not necessarily dress.” and I burst out laughing as I look at his terrified face. I ask him for one more serving of the food, which he brings like a good girl. He kept waiting next to me for the whole meal, totally unsure of what to do and how to behave. Once I finish, I ask him to have food. He just looks puzzled at me and says “Aakash, there is nothing left for me, you finished it all.” I could not help but chuckle, and say “Bad luck then. I need you to iron some of my clothes before you can change to boy clothes after you have cleaned up the kitchen. That should be good for today.”

“Aakash, please can we stop this. I am tired now and hungry. Please let me change to the boy clothes, I will go out and have my dinner.” Anurag tries to get out of the saree. He was visibly tired and sweaty.

“I can help you with hunger if you like to taste something new.” I wink and smile at him.

Anurag gets angry and walks of to the kitchen to clean. I can see him working hard to clean the kitchen and his bareback, tight blouse and the saree was turning me on. I wanted to grab him from behind and kiss him. I wanted to bend him over and spank his ass. Once he is done with washing the utensils and cleaning the kitchen, he comes back to me and says “Aakash, can I do the ironing tomorrow, please. I am really tired. I need some rest.”

“Only if you will dress up as Alisha again tomorrow, yes.”

“Aakash, how does it matter if I am dressed or not. We agreed that you will not ask me to dress up again.”

“I did, but I changed my mind. I think you were not a good girl. I want you to be perfect. I want you to clean the house again tomorrow, more thoroughly and cook better. If I like it tomorrow, you can consider the deal closed.”

“Please Aakash, this is not fair. I did everything you wanted but you are not honoring your words.”

I get up from my couch, stand in front of him and say “You are not in position to argue Alisha, do as I say or your pictures will be on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. You will do everything again tomorrow, with much better grace and ladylike not like a guy in saree.” I hold him from the waist and pull him towards me. I look at him in eyes hold his hands behind his back with my right hand, he tries to stay away from me by bending backwards. I push him closer with left hand and say “You are mine. You will do as I say. Will you?” “Mmmm… …” I kiss him before he could speak anything, ensuring his mouth was sealed with my lips. I pull his hair and treat him like a real girl and he moans in displeasure but I do not allow him to move.

As I release Anurag from my embrace and kiss he blushes profusely and looks down. I smile and say “I am sure you enjoyed it as much as I did Anurag. You can go to bed but don’t change the clothes.” He feels threatened and goes to bed without any arguments. I smile wickedly.


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    Have you ever thought about it?
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    That you will find him perfectly dolled up, when you get back?
    If yes, What will you do with him? Let’s see.

    Read Part 1 of the story ‘Triple A‘ by Alisha.


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