Confession in chastity

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I have reached 200,000 page views this year already. I am very happy and elated to see so many visitors and page views. I love the fact that there are so many of you reading what I write. Oh, but I am digressing…

So in my last post, I mentioned that I am wearing a new chastity cage and I promised I will share an update once I have worn it for a few more days. I am not sure if I have mentioned that I have been in chastity for quite some time now. It is more than a year where I have been in chastity, I am allowed to unlock only if my wife permits.

It all started, with my intention to control my desire to jerk-off instead of having sex with her. I was so obsessed with porn and watching/reading erotic stuff to jerk-off. I found it very addictive and was not able to control it. Also, it meant that I would look for other means and ways to either cheat on her or avoid her for sex. So I suggested that she holds the key and I can wear the chastity which will sort out the problems partly. I cannot get aroused or play with myself.

I had got a plastic cage from the with multiple rings and 65mm cage length last year sometime. The cage was extremely comfortable with an integrated lock. I was wearing the smallest ring at the end of 3 months. I was so used to it that I barely noticed it until I touched it, but I could always feel the weight and its presence was always known to me.  I was able to unlock it every week to clean the cage and myself, but I have been wearing it everywhere. I have worn it on my vacations, I have worn it on long drives, I have worn it on my morning walks, and on my business trips!

She was getting very interested in the power play. She is not a dominating type, but she realised very fast,  how interesting it could get. She had a choice to unlock me or tease me just in my cage. We didn’t have a very exciting sex life, but this helped to get some fun back into our boring life.

So a couple of months back she suggested that I should get a new cage as the plastic one looked dirty and worn out. I get excited at the suggestion. After a lot of deliberation and hesitation, I place an order for a metal chastity device. It is from the same site, but this model, and I added a 40mm ring with ball separator. I was lucky to get it just before my marriage anniversary. So as a gesture of my submission to her, I wore it first time on our marriage anniversary. It was for only a day as I was to travel the next day. So I had to change to my old cage. She did mention though that next time we travel together, I may have to travel in the metal one. She wanted to witness my humiliation, the thought itself made me shiver. She is getting good at this, I feel.

I have now worn the new device for two weeks, and I find it more comfortable than the plastic one, it is more compact than the one I was wearing making it more difficult for me to get an erection if I get aroused or try to jerk-off. I do not need to open it for cleaning.  I have been able to get sleep, without any of those erections disturbing me in the night. In the plastic chastity cage, I was even able to pee standing, which I haven’t tried in this one yet as I feel that it may not be possible. So I do end up being in the stall every time I need to pee.  I did try to play or get aroused in the device, and I must confess that it was difficult and the ball-separator made it further impossible to play with my cock. I am now a little worried about what will happen if she decides not to unlock me at all!!!

She did unlock me over the weekend, teased me but not allow me any ejaculation, that made me extremely horny, and I am still horny. Hoping to get a release this weekend!

I also made a promise to follow a point system to decide if I am to get a release or not. The things in the to-do-list are simple but allows her to decide if I can be unlocked or not. I need to score 8 points from 10 if I want to be unlocked, which includes massaging her feet as one of the tasks. She loves it and enjoys it thoroughly.

The chastity device I am wearing keeps me horny and does sometimes impact my work, but I am able to do my daily work without any problem or severe pain. I may be able to update again after I have worn it for even longer.

I love my life in chastity and the person who holds the key to it!



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