Sissy Behaviour – One thing at a time.

Hello sweetie! I feel happy that you guys, sorry I meant girls keep coming back to my little diary to check for how you can improve yourself. I have been posting tasks but nothing on the behaviour for some time now so let's take stock first! If my lovely sissy girl is following my advice,... Continue Reading →

Another book!

Hello Sweethearts! So I have compiled the short stories in to a book! If you like reading my blog, it would be so encouraging if you buy the book and show that you support me! Thank you Alisha! Desires and Dreams

A submissive Sir

Hello Dear readers, I am excited to introduce a new story from a different author, Miss Malini! I hope you find this story as exciting as others! I am very excited to read to read the next part, are you dear?I am very excited to read the next part, are you dear?Let's See how it... Continue Reading →

Poll Time again!

Hello Everyone! I have been posting various things on my blog, but I wanted to know what my readers enjoy the most on my blog! Will you help me, dear? Thank you for voting! If you want me to post something else please let me know in comments!

Sissy’s day out!

Hello Sweethearts! Do you remember the poll I had put up “Should I go out dressed like that again?” like my earlier outing I posted in “Humiliating Myself”. The result was that “I should go out and also post pictures for everyone to see!” So here I am doing what my readers asked me to... Continue Reading →

Close encounter with Men….

Hello darling! I know you like reading my blog, and sometimes also might wonder what would be my experience or on what basis do I write, so today I am going to share some of my personal experiences. I am sure many of you are much more adventurous and experienced than me, but that will... Continue Reading →

Femdom 101

Hello all, For my readers who are looking for some real life examples for femdom relationshipsI came across this blog a long time back and love the way she writes and describes her relationship with her submissive husband. This far into the new year it is time to close out the Christmas series. It is... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 1- Shopping Dare

Hello Gurls! Are you feeling a little adventurous? Are you ready to do a small task which will ensure you are sissy self is exposed a bit and you are humiliated a little bit? So tell me what's your favourite brand of shoes? Not men shoes silly, what heels you like the most? You will... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 7

We check-in at the hotel and go to our room, Alisha was sweating and scared, I smile at her and ask “What happened? Why are you scared?” “Rashesh is going to be here too. I will be caught,” she says in a panic. I was amused that she was using her girly voice even when... Continue Reading →

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