Close encounter with Men….

Hello darling!

I know you like reading my blog, and sometimes also might wonder what would be my experience or on what basis do I write, so today I am going to share some of my personal experiences.

I am sure many of you are much more adventurous and experienced than me, but that will not stop me from sharing my bit.

So you had read all my crossdressing adventures when I ventured outside. Today I will share something different. So most of the time, when I earlier used to get dressed up as a girl, I would do nothing unusual, maybe watch television, play with myself or take pictures.

I came across this website which had some very challenging and humiliating tasks. One of them was to go live on the internet when dressed. Now, I have been chatting with guys pretending to be a girl. I even had Kik account to chat with guys. But this was more than that; it was putting up a display as a trans pornstar! I thought it would be a good idea to explore how it felt being on the show for men and women.

I made my first profile on and logged in for the first show. I was nervous, anxious and shy. I was not sure what will happen and how will I look. Will men really be interested in talking to me? Will men hit on me? I was dressed in a full sissy outfit in shorts and spaghetti top with nice makeup. On the first day when I logged in nothing much happened and most guys came looked at me and walked away, I was disappointed.

One of the guy approached me and gave me some tips. He told me to keep my lips half-open, he asked me to lick my lips on live stream and salivate as I speak and flirt with guys. He told me to keep my lips wet at all times. I was drooling for no reason in no time. He also asked me to wink and show my body in a more alluring way. It was like advice on how to be more desirable on screen. I was playing with my hair, moving my body like a girl and I could see it on my screen. I thought I looked passable as a girl. I was also told to be in lingerie at all times, which was a bit embarrassing and I hesitated but eventually was only wearing a bra, panties, and my heels with stockings on some days.

On the next day I was prepared to do more to see if I can interact with my audience. So I started to display the dildo that I had handy. I was wearing a mini skirt and t-shirt. I stripped to my lingerie, swaying and dancing to music in the background. I had put on the songs from Madonna, Britney, Taylor and other pop music to make me comfortable. It was more happening than the first day. I got more audience and tokens! I realised that I need to act more slutty and sexy to entice men.

On the website, I can do a personal show for someone and you can get paid in tokens per minute. I was asked by a few men to put on a show for themselves, they would give me instructions to act out and I will do as told. One of them asked me to put on the glasses and tie my hair in pigtails. I sucked the dildo while on my knees and fucked my ass with it. He made me scream his name while I was doing it. He made me imagine I was his secretary and we were cheating on her wife. It lasted for maybe 10 to 15 minutes. He was able to jerk off while watching me. I was turned on too, but I was wearing chastity and was not able to cum. It was fun!

I gave different poses while I was on the bed, displaying my bare legs in heels, sleeping on the bed facing upside down. I would get on my knees and play with my breasts and moan. I would slap my face and tongue with my dildo. I acted like a horny little girl trying to please men. Most of them wanted to see my ass, and made me spank it which made me really horny.

I did many other degrading things like I peed in a beer mug and drank it while I was chatting with them. I danced on some of the Hindi item songs like a girl, but only in bra and panties which got me some tokens. I did a belly dance too, yes I know a bit of it from the class I attended a few years ago. I sucked the dildo with a blindfold, while I was wearing a tight corset and stockings, which was very exciting as I was not able to see what were the comments until I finished the task.

All the time I was online, I kept sucking the dildo and applying lipstick again to look better. I felt like a total slut. I would otherwise lick my lips, flirt and say naughty things in my girly voice. I used some chains to tie and cuff myself in different positions to suck the dildo, using table and chair. I humped on it and took it in my ass. I had to perform a striptease, spank myself, and displayed my ass and locked clitty to anyone who asked. Couple of them became regular over the week and ordered me around to do things and behave as they liked. I chatted with them in my girly voice, flirting with most men.

I was invited by few men to watch them cum and jerk off. I praised the size of their cocks, while I played with my locked clitty. I flirted with them, moaned and drooled as they played in front of me. I did ejaculate a few times while live streaming and had to lick it clean. On one occasion, I was ordered to cum in the salad bowl by fucking my own ass with a dildo like a hot sissy while on all fours. I did manage to cum in the bowl with my cock still locked in chastity. I had to eat the salad like a dog, while on all fours. It was extremely humiliating but horny. I had collected 1500 tokens by the end of the week! Not only that, the private shows were recorded and can be watched by the person who requested it anytime. So I now was in a couple of small porn clips! How humiliating is that?

When I tried to login again after a break I was not able to access the account, so lost the followers, the films and tokens. So I had to make a new account and start fresh. This time around I was more adventurous and offered to do various tasks for token. I even hogtied myself in front of the audience and live-streamed it. I cleaned the toilet with a toothbrush, while I was dressed in sexy corset, heels and stockings. I had a metal chain around my neck locked to the tap like a leash as I cleaned the toilet on the live stream. I was being viewed by 100 people, it was humiliating but exciting. It was closest I could get, to feel being on display and an object of fun for someone. I was embarrassed and humiliated in the end but it felt very nice, I guess. My last profile on the site is still active! I wish I can go back online in the near future.

The audience was praising my lips, my smile, my legs and my ass. I was complimented for my smile, and my ass the most. There were couple of times when the guys even praised my voice, which made me blush. They did want me to play with my cock, but when I was online I was in chastity with no access to keys. I had few girls too as the audience who humiliated me and made me change clothes.

There is one more time when I came very close to meeting men in real life but that is for some other time. I am sure you enjoyed reading it! If you have any questions that you want to ask, go ahead, I am listening.

Buh Bye


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