Story – Chapter 2

Next day morning, I reach office with very little motivation and still heartbroken from the shock that I did not get promoted and someone else did. As I settle on my desk and start my PC, I receive a call. It was Natasha, sitting in Mr. Gupta’s desk.

I walk in the cabin and sit in front of her, she was wearing a silk blouse with a bow. The hair was lose and framing her perfect face, I keep sitting there as she types something on the laptop intently. When she looks up at me and smile I skip a heartbeat. “So where is the list of your responsibilities and projects that we were to discuss this morning?” I look at her blank. She looks at me in surprise, “I did not expect this from you, Vishal. Anyways I will give you time till lunch, get back with the list. And get me a coffee.”

I look dazed with the way she spoke to me, I felt like I was talking to a different Natasha, not the sweet and friendly colleague of mine. I get up and ask the office boy to get coffee for her and start working on the list. Once I am done I go back in to her cabin, and sit at her desk. She looks at the list and puts it aside. “Vishal, I am very disappointed by you. I am your boss now and you need to respect that. You cannot walk in to my cabin without my appointment nor can you sit here waiting for my time. I want you to follow some rules so that we can work better.” She stops for a second and I was still unsure of what to say, “But we are friends, and I use to work the same way with Gupta Sir.”

She ignores me, “Firstly you will call me Natasha Madam, not Natasha anymore. Its more appropriate. You will knock on my cabin door before entering and ask for permission to enter. You will not sit in my cabin until I require you to sit. These rules are for you to understand that we are not colleagues anymore. You can go now.” I leave the cabin furiously, without looking back.

At the end of the day, I leave home thinking what was she trying to do. I decide to confront her the next day and put things straight that she needs to respect me for my experience. Next day, again before I can start my work, Natasha calls me to her cabin. I just walk in and sit in front of her casually. She ignores me for a minute and says :

“Vishal, it seems you did not hear me yesterday, anyways I have more important thing to discuss with you so that can wait. I have gone through the list, based on the list and your experience, I think you are under-utilized. I am going to transfer all your current responsibilities and projects to the team and I want you to assist me for better functioning and I think your experience will work in advantage for us.”  I feel like she has realized her mistake and she is trying to correct it. “If you agree, I can ask HR to get in action and get it sorted today itself.” I did not understand what she was trying to say, but I agree to her. She smiles at me in friendly but mysteriously.

The next thing I can see is, she making a call to HR head and says “Vishal has agreed to the role, please get the paperwork done.” I go to see the HR head just before lunch. She extends a paper which was showing my new designation as “Personal Executive Assistant” to Natasha Shankar. I look at it in surprise. I keep the paper down and say “I am not going to sign this shit.” “Vishal, watch your language. Please let me tell you that the company has full right to change your role as per the contract, you may not want to do the role, in which case you can resign. You know your notice period is three months. So for next three months you will still have to work as per the new role. Please sign this or take this as is, it doesn’t matter.” I am completely shocked at the response and the coldness in her voice. I feel like hitting her on head and run away.

I reach my desk and get call from Natasha. I walk in furiously. She says “I hope you got your letter for designation change. So you move your desk closer to my cabin. I need a lot of help and I am sure you will be very happy to work with me.”

“Natasha, I am going to resign tomorrow. This is not acceptable to me. You may want to start looking for someone else who can take this shit.” Natasha, looks at me with stern eyes “Vishal, stop using this language. If you want to resign please do so.”

Next day, when I resign, the HR says that I can’t resign until I complete my probation in the new role and if I am not fit for the role they will relieve me anyways. The HR head says that I should be thankful that the salary has not been cut and that Natasha has been considerate of the fact that you are very good resource. I look at her in shock and amazement, trying to understand what was going on. I walk back to my new desk dejected and not clear of what to do. I sit in front of the laptop and try to search for a new job, expecting that I will at least be able to quit this or leave this place without being jobless.







Story – Chapter 2

Story – Chapter 1

I woke up with a hangover from the party previous night, where I was not sure what I had for drinks. I walk in the bathroom and start to get ready for work with a severe headache. I try to focus on getting to work on time but my body was not cooperating with me.

I get ready and drag myself to work. It was a very boring Monday morning and I was just getting started with work. My boss had resigned and it was his last week. I was hoping to get his position as I knew the company was looking for internal appointment and I had put a very good case for myself. I was the only one in the team who had experience and knowledge to take his place. Natasha, who had just joined the company last year was sitting next to my cubicle said “Hey Vishal, how are you? Do you know Mr. Gupta is leaving tomorrow itself?” I turned towards her and said, “No, this can’t be true. Are you sure?” She nodded and got back to work.

She always used to dress very nicely and today she had her hair tied at the back and she looked very beautiful in her red tight salwar-kameez. I get back to work with the nagging headache.

In the afternoon, we receive a notification for an urgent team meeting. As we gather around there was a buzz that they were going to announce the replacement of Mr. Gupta as he was moving out tomorrow. I was happy as I thought it was going to be who will be sitting in that cabin from tomorrow. The CEO, Ms Shalini walks in the room and everyone gets silent. She gives a farewell speech for Mr. Gupta and then finally comes to the point. “So we have pretty big shoes to fill and we have already decided on the person who is going to take this position. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Ms Natasha Shankar, as new Operations head from today who will be replacing Mr. Gupta. I am sure she will be able to lead the team and I expect full cooperation from team for her success and growth of the company.”

I shake my head in disbelief, it takes me two minutes to come out of the shock and I realize that everyone else is still clapping and Natasha was making her speech. I walk to my desk very slowly and sit on my desk. I stare at my desk, and the phone on my desk rings!

I am sitting in front of Natasha and Mr. Gupta in the meeting room. Natasha says “Mr. Gupta has explained your contribution to the team and so I would like to ensure that you are happy and will get what you deserve. I want you to prepare a list of your responsibilities and projects you are dealing with by tomorrow and we will take it forward from there.” She speaks in a straightforward way and monotone without allowing me to speak. She then signals me to leave. I straight away instead of going to my desk go home.




Story – Chapter 1

Sissy shopping dare

sephora-valencia.jpgHello gurls!

How is your week going? Have you done something fun this week? Are you looking for something that will keep your sissy mind occupied?

I have a perfect thing to suggest for that, if you have been following my blog, you have already shopped for nail paint, heels, stockings, etc. but haven’t actually got something for your lovely face.

So I want you to go for shopping again. You will go to one of the shop dedicated for make-up essentials, not to a drug store or a departmental store. I want you to go to a make-up shop. You need to understand the amount of choice a girl has, don’t you?

In the shop I want you to shop for three things for your face, you can select them but you will ask for help. You will take inputs and suggestions from the sales person. You will buy a lipstick in a neon shade, an eye shadow pallete to match the lipstick and a blush.

You will also ask the sales person to show you the right way to apply each of this. You will make notes and thank him/her for the help. I want you to make note of at least two points for each item in your diary.

When you reach home, you will apply the make-up and model in the front of mirror. You will note the problems in your make-up and practice everyday till you learn the right way to apply these three items.

Buh Bye, have fun!

Sissy shopping dare

Pamper yourself!

Hello Gurls!

So have you been good? Do you need to be rewarded?

Well I have a perfect reward for you planned. I want you to book a full body massage for yourself this weekend. If the massage is by a girl that would be better. See its a reward!!

Now on the day, I want you to do the following things: wear your pink panties and paint your finger nails and toe nails pink too.

When you go for massage you will keep the panties on. Once the massage is completed you will change in to new one.


If you are asked why you are wearing panties, you will confirm that you feel more comfortable in them!!

Enjoy your reward and let me know how it felt!!

Buh Bye

Pamper yourself!

Pin-Up Prissy Sissy

Hello Gurls!

So are you feeling pretty? Have you been wanting to try something this weekend but don’t know what to do?

I have a suggestion, cancel all your plans of going out. Lets play dress-up.

Shave your body, no hair except for your eyebrows and head. Take a nice shower and apply moisturizer on your smooth lovely skin. Put on bright pink lipstick and nail-polish. Do full make-up and wear your wig. Get your best set of lingerie with matching sets of bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. You will wear a nice floral knee length dress. Put on your sexy pumps. Now you are ready for your task!


You will have to take pictures dressed like that. But not just any pictures, you will take pictures in various poses of an “pin-up model”.

You will select 10 best pictures that you like and will replicate them with props and all the items that are in the picture.

You will make all efforts to pose exactly like the model. Try and two pictures outside in backyard or somewhere in parking with your car dressed like that.

Once you have all the pictures you will create an album and share it online on Flickr or Tumblr. You can post your link in the comments.

Are you up for the challenge?


Pin-Up Prissy Sissy

Office Attire!


Hello Gurls!

So how often do you think about the sexy secretaries and what would be they wearing and how sexy it must be feeling? Or how will you may be get into their panties?

Well I think it is very easy to find out. All you need is a pair of thigh high stockings, garter belt and panties.

I am sure you must have figured out by now that I want you to wear them. But not just like that. I want you to wear them for at least five days at work under your normal manly pants.

You will find the most lacy thigh high with bows. The garter belt should also preferably have bow. When you sit I want the garter belts visible. And one more thing since you have your stockings, you are not allowed those ugly manly socks. You will do this for continuous five days. I would love if you will get two pairs and alternate with them, one black and one red.

Enjoy your week. Trust me it will be very good and comfortable than your underwear.




Office Attire!