Triple A – Part 8

The groom side had arrived and was provided with the accommodation in the resort. We were seated by the pool when a few of them walks past us. They seem to be looking for something, so one of us gets up to help them. The group was looking for space to practise their dance moves... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 21

[tags bdsm, crossdressing, erotic, femdom, feminization, Humiliation, indian crossdresser] The evening was busy with me practising my makeup, and getting caned by Abhimanyu again for not completing it in the first try. I was in constant pain every day. I was getting used to the pain of being caned. It was humiliating at first, but now... Continue Reading →

A submissive Sir

Hello Dear readers, I am excited to introduce a new story from a different author, Miss Malini! I hope you find this story as exciting as others! I am very excited to read to read the next part, are you dear?I am very excited to read the next part, are you dear?Let's See how it... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 7

We check-in at the hotel and go to our room, Alisha was sweating and scared, I smile at her and ask “What happened? Why are you scared?” “Rashesh is going to be here too. I will be caught,” she says in a panic. I was amused that she was using her girly voice even when... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 20

Natasha growls at me and looks at me sternly as I try to avoid her eyes. “Mr Srinivasan, are you alright?” She first asks. “I am alright?” He quips sarcastically, “Look what she did to my clothes?” He laments further. “Prinsi, apologise to Mr Srinivasan and don’t just sit there like a fool. Start cleaning,”... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 6

Anurag was not at all shy as a girl around me, now. He also was now responsible for keeping the house clean, cooking and doing all household chores, I had a perfect life. He had become an expert at sucking my cock and kissing me. I made sure that he was on his knees twice... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 5

I was really enjoying how the things were going over the next week, I had started to force Anurag to dress up in the evenings and do all the chores. I was becoming really demanding and treating her like my bitch. I convinced her to sleep on the joined bed, instead of reorganizing the room... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 4

The next day in office, Rashi confronts me again. I finally give in and agree for her to visit us, thankfully it was only her.  She spreads the news to the rest of the office, making it more difficult for me. I wasn’t sure why Rashi wanted to visit the house in the first place.... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve – Update

Dear all! I know you love reading my stories, and wait eagerly for new chapters. I really love writing for all of you and enjoy the process. I have been busy lately with converting Destined to Serve to a book, it is the first part as you can see on the blog, but written with... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 3

So, two weeks had passed, and I had ensured that Alisha was entirely under my control. I was happy with the way this had turned out; it allowed me a lot of time for myself on the weekends for job search and personal development and pleasure, of course. It was Saturday evening, and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Poll for Destined to Serve

Hello Dear Readers! I know you enjoy reading the story! But I thought I would get you involved in the way the story develops further. I may not be able to write every fantasy you desire to read, but I will like to know what you expect to see. So once in a while I... Continue Reading →

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