Destined to Serve – Chapter 3

As I walk to my new desk I see that a new desktop and desk phone was being installed by couple of guys. The desk was exactly opposite the cabin were if required Natasha can see me working at my desk. I put my laptop on my desk and the guy says “Sir I need to take away your laptop, please can you tell me what data you need to transfer from the laptop to this desktop. As a policy you cannot hold two systems.” I knew it was coming and didn’t react. “You can take the laptop.  I don’t need anything.”

I sit on my chair and login to my new system. I open the mailbox and see the first mail is from Natasha, announcing my change in role to the whole organization. I feel like burying myself in some hole and how I will answer the questions from colleagues and friends. I try to open the internet explorer and try and login to jobs sites, I realize that this machine had different internet policy and I was not able to access any social and professional job search sites. I feel frustrated and sit at my desk. I get a new name tag in front of my desk which clearly displays my new designation “Personal Executive Assistant”. I flinch and turn away from it. At around 11 in the morning, I get a call from Natasha on my desk “Please come in Vishal”.

I enter to her cabin, she smiles at me and asks me to take a seat. I find it reassuring that she was nice this morning, maybe it was her pink salwar that was making her more pleasant. She was looking extremely beautiful this morning, which resulted in me losing my anger for a while. “Vishal, I am sure you will understand why I selected you for the role in sometime, but for now you will have to start taking it up seriously, if you don’t like it you can leave it. I will not stop you. However, for now you will have to start looking at helping me to achieve my goals. I have forwarded couple of mails, I want those reports printed for me. I want you to make my travel arrangement for next month to Delhi, to meet NextSys, which you were suppose to go. Also book a taxi for me for tomorrow’s meeting with BlueGem, as I don’t have my car with me.”

I just nod in yes.  She looks at me. I stare back with no emotions. Her face expressions change, “You need to reply to me, Vishal. Don’t make this difficult.” “Ok I will do it.” She still looks at me. I can’t understand anything “Ok, I am going.” “I am not done yet. Sit down.” I sit in the chair fully disinterested in the discussion. “I know this is a new role so I will give you some time. I have given you access to my calendar and I will ask everyone to get in touch with you for appointment. You can learn this very fast. I will let you know which meetings I want you to attend as you know lot about the business and will be very handy to take notes and take action. I am also going to direct my landline to yours, you need to confirm who it is and transfer the necessary calls to me. I don’t like distractions.” I nod in yes without much interest fiddling with my fingers as she talks. She gets up and walks across the desk, She stands next to me and says “Vishal, if you want to act like this, I will ensure that by the time you leave this company, there will be no job for you in market. Now to ensure you understood everything I said, repeat it for me.”

I start to repeat but fumble and forget what she had mentioned and look at her with blank face. She pulls out a notebook from her desk and a pen, “You will carry this every time, you walk in any meeting. I want you to take detailed notes. You will look at me or will be taking notes in my presence nothing else. Now, one more thing, you will call me “Natasha Madam” at all times, when you receive phone calls on my behalf you will say “Natasha Madam’s Office”, Is it clear?” I again nod, she stares at me and says “Repeat”

“I am to call you as Natasha Madam at all times, and receive phone calls with Natasha’s Office”. She slaps me on my face as I keep staring at the towering figure in front of me. “It is “Natasha Madam’s Office” you idiot, now repeat.” I repeat “Natasha Madam’s Office.” I could not understand any of the conversation and why I was going through all this, why did I allow a girl slap me in professional environment. I feel lost and I get up to leave. Natasha, stops me. “I am not done yet. I will not remind you again, but you need to take permission to enter my cabin and take seat, is it clear? “Yes Natasha Madam.” I speak without any emotion. “Good, you are learning fast. Make sure that you don’t forget it this fast. Now, you can leave.”

It was only 30 minutes in her cabin but it felt like eternity.  I reach my seat and start looking at my mails. I see only three mails since morning all from Natasha, I print the attached reports. “May I come in?” I knock on the door and wait to get in her cabin to give her the prints. “Yes.” I walk in and leave the reports on table. She looks up at me and says “It should be “Natasha Madam, may I please come in?”, understood?” I nod, she smiles and says “Repeat” “Natasha Madam, may I please come in?” “Good boy, now go I have lot of work. If there is any call, ask them to call after lunch.” I start to get more and more frustrated. I receive three calls in next 45 minutes, where I just ask them to call back after lunch. At lunch, my usual companions doesn’t even bother to check with me. I don’t feel like having lunch so I spend next 3o minutes on my desk looking at the calendar and arranging for the travel that she had requested. I receive an email, which was for secretaries and personal assistants of the company. I feel embarrassed that I was to attend a meeting scheduled only for them on some administrative matter which I could not relate to. 

Natasha calls me twice to understand some mundane details about the clients she was to visit and asks me to block her calendar accordingly. She keeps reviewing the reports and prepare for the meeting. After lunch, she calls me in her cabin and asks me to prepare the presentation for next days meeting and mail her as she was going for another meeting. I get really frustrated and start to work on the presentation and once it is completed I mail her and leave for home. I notice that the notebook she gave was pink with floral patterns on it and the pen was red in color with a flower on the cap. I keep them in the bottom drawer and leave. I was still not sure why I was doing what I was doing. I decide to go to the cyber café to start searching and applying for a new job before it was too late. I decide to get back to Natasha for slapping me.




Enfemme Adventure -3

Hello gurls!

I am back at sharing my last adventure enfemme last week. It was a working day so I was planning to get dressed as Alisha, but not go out, and I was going to wear Saree after a long time.

However, I felt that since I am getting dressed I should try and go out. So I decide to visit the temple. In order to make it in time to temple I leave a little early from office.

Now, when you visit a temple you have to dress appropriately and I had no plans going to temple so the blouse I had was very revealing one and sleeveless. So I decide to wear a tank top underneath and make it more appropriate. I get ready with minimal makeup. However, I decide to wear jewellery as that would be most suited to the saree I was going to wear so I put on a necklace, silver bracelet, black stud earrings and anklet in feet. I was also carrying a red clutch. The saree was black with orange pallu.

Like the previous day, I put on the jacket and leave home. There was very minimal traffic and I reach well before the closing time of temple. I was worried about the parking spot as on a busy day it is difficult to find parking here, but I was lucky and I find one close by. The main reason was I have never ventured out in saree and I wanted to avoid walking.

The first stop was to the footwear stall. I get confused with toilet entrance and two guys standing next to male toilet entrance tell me that the ladies toilet is on the other side. I join the queue for dropping my footwear. I had a group of girls in front of me and all of them check me out as they drop their footwear. I collect the token and put it in my clutch. I had my pallu pulled over my shoulders and I had my clutch and car keys in my hand. The most difficult part was that the temple had a long winding path with hundreds of steps. As I was wearing a saree, I had to hold it with hand to avoid it getting under my feet, the girliest way to walk I guess. I feel like a real girl as I hear the jingles from my anklet as I climb up the stairs.

Temple was not crowded but it was busy and there were a lot of people. I was noticed by almost everyone who had an eye contact with me. I was so nervous that, I was sweating and my ears had blood gushing to it. I was very much excited and felt like I will faint. I keep climbing the steps visiting the shrines on the way and offering my prayers.

Before I enter the main temple shrine I try to stop for a minute. It also had some twenty steps and I enter the main temple hall, where at least 50 people were sitting. I walk to the front of the queue to offer my prayers. I open my clutch and donate some money to the pot. I offer prayers and I move out. This temple has a long path passing through a lot of shops as exit. I had some school kids in front of me and one of them desperately tries to draw the attention of his friend to me. I keep walking to the exit and collect prasadam. I try to find a place to sit in open and have the prasadam.

As I finish it, couple of guys and others around notice me. I collect my footwear and move towards my car. As I was getting in my car a couple walking by looks at me with curiosity. I ignore them and get in my car and drive home.

This was the first time I had gone out in saree. I was not sure how I will fare and if I will be able to manage as it is difficult to be graceful in saree and you can look like a clown, but I think I managed well. It was very interesting experience and I would definitely like to try this again with more preparation

Buh bye


Enfemme Adventure -2

Hello Gurls!

So let us continue the fun, after meeting the other CD friend and learning about make-up it was time to do something more adventurous. I was contacted by a couple in response to my ads on social site and I was intrigued, that a normal couple was interested in meeting me without any other agenda but to have lunch. I was little uncomfortable and tensed to go out enfemme and meet them but I thought it was my chance to go out and have some company. So, Sunday afternoon lunch was fixed and we were to meet directly at the place. I had agreed to meet them in the other part of the city to avoid bumping in someone I know.

It was a long drive and I was still tired from the day before but I start to get ready by 11 am, leaving me atleast 2 hours of time before I have to leave to reach on time. To attract less attention and blend in, I had decided to be in casual grey top and black trousers. I decide to use the new lipstick from Bobby Brown. I do my nails in pink but decide to do something which I have noticed as trend, I color one of my finger as grey, matching my top!

This time I decide to wear the wig from home and leave so I put on a hooded wind cheater to hide my hair and face as I walk down eight floors from fire escape. The drive to the place is uneventful and smooth with minimal traffic. When I am about to reach the place I receive the call from the couple that they will be late. I flinch, why I have to be early every time and wait for everyone, it makes me nervous.

The restaurant did not have valet parking and as I reach the place I realize it is too busy to park close by, so I circle around and park on the street before the restaurant. I get down and start to walk on the road in the middle of traffic and crowded pedestrian. The restaurant was on the rooftop terrace, I press the button and wait hoping to find it empty, but I get a family walk out of the elevator. I get in the lift and as the door is about to close a guy runs into the lift and smiles at me, I smile back.

I ask for a table of four and the lady says it’s available and I can walk in. She takes me inside and I am now on the steps and everyone sitting there can see me. I give her my name and tell her that others will join soon. I walk to the table crossing all the tables and take a seat in the section where there were only a few tables which were empty. I wait patiently looking at the menu and sipping some water.

They arrive after some 15 minutes which felt like an eternity. We greet each other and start to chat. Let’s use the names as Jack and Jane. Jack starts to talk to me as a normal person and I get comfortable. I feel safe and at ease. We order food and continue to converse. Jane asks me if I have more dresses, or I like Indian dresses, etc. She points out that my make up was good but can be better and that I had messed up my lipstick, which I agree. It wasn’t applied properly. Jack and I discuss a lot of general things and future plans. Jane was quiet, maybe it was my fault that I did not give the lady the importance she deserved.

I could not finish my dish, because of waist clincher. Before leaving the restaurant I decide to use the toilet which meant I will have to go to the section where everyone was seating. The live music had started to play and I just get in the toilet. I touch up my make up and redo my lipstick. When I come out almost everyone sitting in the restaurant looked at me. It was Jane’s turn to use the toilet and we wait there listening to music.

Before leaving the restaurant I ask Jack to take a couple of pics for me. I did not have the courage to ask for a group photo. We had decided to go to the mall close by, but there was a lot of traffic and I decided to skip the same. I think for my first meeting with someone enfemme were I was trying to converse it went well!!! What say?

On my way back I decide to visit the mall nearer to home as I had to exchange a jacket I had got last week. When I reach the mall I had decided to use the car park which was little walk away. The lady at the ticket dispenser pointed me to her colleague. When I walk to the mall, I realize it was super crowded due to Christmas shopping and I should have walked back to the car. I walk through the security and enter realizing it was a bad idea, but I decide to bite the bullet. I go down the escalator and I feel like suddenly I have become the centre of the universe and everyone is watching me. This is a mall I visit frequently and close to my place so I had a risk of bumping into someone known. I go to the shop and it was super busy and unorganized I could not find the same jacket so I just walk out and start walking back to the car. I think it was a really bad idea as I got lot of stares and got noticed by tons of guys. It was really very embarrassing experience.

Well, the story is not over. I thought I need to get dinner so I make up my mind to go to drive thru MacDonalds. I drive to the window and a young sales girl welcomes me as Maam but realises that I am a guy. She takes my order and disappears. As I was waiting for my order to be delivered, I see her on the window talking to another colleague and giggling as she points her hand towards me. I collect my burger and reach home. Again, to avoid people I climb eight floors by the fire escape stairs and reach home safely.

I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed my day!

Buh Bye!


Enfemme Adventure -1

Hello dear gurls!

I was planning for this day for one month now, I wanted to visit a mall dressed as girl and go shopping and the best part is I was going to have company of other CD, so was very excited. It was weekend and I knew the mall will be busy so wanted to ensure that I look like a normal girl who is trying to shop.

I had the top from my shopping at airport, and I went to shop for the shoes, as I did not have anything flat to wear out for a stroll in the mall. I selected pink pumps with a little heel, a perfect match for my top. So I was all set for my adventure next day.

So I get up early on the day and start to get ready. I shave my full body and get ready for the make-up. I get ready to make an impression of a girly girl, so I paint my nails pink too, and with pink eye-shadow and blusher I was set to impress the world!

There were couple of challenges though, firstly in order to avoid CCTV in the apartment I take the fire escape to the basement, which means climbing down 8 floors while fully dressed and hoping to not find anyone in the corridor. The second challenge is to find a place to wear a wig as I decided to not wear when leaving the house. I find a secluded road and try to wear the wig sitting in car, which becomes impossible as it does not fit properly, so I get down of the car and start to adjust it, and there are some passerby staring at my activity trying to figure out what I was up to. Once done with the wig, I was fully dressed as girl with full make-up, earrings, anklet, a scarf and shoes.

The other CD friend had informed that she will be late and might not turn up dressed as there was some emergency at home. I drive to the mall and get in the parking. I look in the car mirror and adjust the wig but couldn’t do it. So I get down and adjust it. The entry to the mall was by a staircase and I walk up slowly with my handbag.

As I enter the mall, I feel nervous and anxious and try to avoid eye contact with anyone. As I was to wait, I go to a coffee shop and plan to get a drink and wait. There were three people in front of me, I decide to get a cold drink. I pull out my clutch and make the payment. The cashier addresses me as “Madam” and I blush. I take a corner seat and start to have the drink. I was seating near the corridor and all the people passing by noticed me. I was expecting a guy so kept looking at single guys passing by and then she walks dressed as girl. She mentions I was looking scared, I didn’t tell her that I was going to meet a guy(him) and that it will be my first encounter with a real person as Alisha. I was hell scared of what would happen how he will be looking, what will others think and then she turns up as girl. Damn!!!!!

We decide to go around for shopping, she was much more enthusiastic and experienced and wanted to try dresses. We walk in to one of the shop and she gets into the fitting room with some three dresses. I stand in front of the trial room waiting for her, and other customers mostly girl walk around staring at me once or twice to check what they saw. But that ten minutes got me clamed down. She walks in and out of the trial room like a pro showing off, and I feel jealous, but did not gather courage to try dresses. May be next time. We then walk to a shoe store but I don’t like anything and then she says that she has to leave. The meeting was very brief but I enjoyed the company of other girl and we did talk about some private matters.

Now, I was on my own and I start to think what to do, it was the same mall I had visited last time so I decide to walk around first and see what I would like to do. I enter the chic women fashion store and walk around to see if I like some jewelry or accessories but I don’t like anything. I then pick up couple of jeans and take help from one of the male sales guy and it makes me blush when he tries to look at me and suggest a size and gives option. I try couple of them but don’t buy anything.

I spot that a new Bobby Brown store has opened and decide to walk in talk to the make-up consultant. I was very apprehensive to start the conversation, but was treated with a warm smile. First thing, I ask her is about beard cover and what to use so that beard is not visible. She offers me a seat and says that she can provide a demo with the products and I can buy if I like. I agree. I reluctantly remove my make up and surrender my face to the expert. She starts to explain what she is doing, I listen to her very intently and try to understand everything she is trying to say. When I mention that I am not an expert at make-up she makes a comment that for a novice my make up was quite good when I walked in. That makes me very happy. She applies a color corrector, concealer and foundation and suddenly my face is transformed. While I was getting my make up done, the girls sitting next to me and trying other things try to check me out. I feel so girly!! The make-up was so nice and I looked absolutely stunning. I buy the color corrector and surprise, I get a lipstick free with it! I was delighted!I asked the staff to take pic, and two girls took my pic, and one of them said I looked very beautiful, that made my day!!

I walk in the mall again, trying to see what else I can shop for and I buy couple of cheap bracelets and look for something to eat but the food court was not very exciting so I decide to leave for home.

On my way back home there was some daylight and as I was joining the main road a cheap old guy waved at me. On one more occasion a guy on the opposite direction spots me and speaks to his wife/gf pointing fingers at me.

I had walked so much my legs hurt. I was super tired and the new shoes had given me blisters, my badge of pride. Overall, it was a fun filled day and I made back home in one piece!

Stay tuned, there is some more to come. Buh Bye!!




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