Destined to Serve – Chapter 5

So I get back to my desk and start reading the document. I start to enjoy the work forgetting why I was doing it, I feel better that I got to read something meaningful. I start making notes and put a detailed analysis of things that were not correct. By the time I finish the... Continue Reading →


Destined to Serve – Chapter 3

As I walk to my new desk I see that a new desktop and desk phone was being installed by couple of guys. The desk was exactly opposite the cabin were if required Natasha can see me working at my desk. I put my laptop on my desk and the guy says "Sir I need... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -3

Hello gurls! I am back at sharing my last adventure enfemme last week. It was a working day so I was planning to get dressed as Alisha, but not go out, and I was going to wear Saree after a long time. However, I felt that since I am getting dressed I should try and... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -2

Hello Gurls! So let us continue the fun, after meeting the other CD friend and learning about make-up it was time to do something more adventurous. I was contacted by a couple in response to my ads on social site and I was intrigued, that a normal couple was interested in meeting me without any... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -1

Hello dear gurls! I was planning for this day for one month now, I wanted to visit a mall dressed as girl and go shopping and the best part is I was going to have company of other CD, so was very excited. It was weekend and I knew the mall will be busy so wanted... Continue Reading →

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