Will you like to be Human Pet?

Hello Sweethearts! How are you coping with being inside? I am bored and have not been able to do much! I wanted to share with you some of my other experience which may help you to spend some time and make new friends! As you might remember I have mentioned, a couple of times my... Continue Reading →

Poll Time again!

Hello Everyone! I have been posting various things on my blog, but I wanted to know what my readers enjoy the most on my blog! Will you help me, dear? Thank you for voting! If you want me to post something else please let me know in comments! https://poll.fm/10510084

Sissy’s day out!

Hello Sweethearts! Do you remember the poll I had put up “Should I go out dressed like that again?” like my earlier outing I posted in “Humiliating Myself”. The result was that “I should go out and also post pictures for everyone to see!” So here I am doing what my readers asked me to... Continue Reading →

Close encounter with Men….

Hello darling! I know you like reading my blog, and sometimes also might wonder what would be my experience or on what basis do I write, so today I am going to share some of my personal experiences. I am sure many of you are much more adventurous and experienced than me, but that will... Continue Reading →

Christmas Sparkles!

Hello Lovelies! How are you doing? Are you ready to welcome the Santa? I am ready, and how! I was to travel for work today. The flight was late in the morning, so I had some more time in the shower, and I decide to get ready for the vacation! As many of you know... Continue Reading →

Destined to Serve – Update

Dear all! I know you love reading my stories, and wait eagerly for new chapters. I really love writing for all of you and enjoy the process. I have been busy lately with converting Destined to Serve to a book, it is the first part as you can see on the blog, but written with... Continue Reading →

Confession in chastity

Hello, Darlings! How are you doing? Would you like to read about my personal antics? Do you find them entertaining? Do you know what makes me write more? Your comments and likes! So if you really like me or my posts, I request you to leave me a comment or message. Do you want to... Continue Reading →

Panties at work again!

Hello everyone! So this post is just an update on today! Yes, you are right. I am wearing panties at work again. And yes my wife ordered me to wear them. Hmmm…no I earned it this time. The story is, I got a text from my wife yesterday that if I clean the toilets in... Continue Reading →

Pleasure in Humiliation

Hello gurls! I am sure that there is ton of information available on this topic from all perspective, but I am still going to give it a try and write something new. I am someone who was introduced to the word ”kink” very late in my life. I had no idea that there is a... Continue Reading →

Being Sissy Vs Being Gay

Hello Sissies! I am sure you would have all gone through these emotions and thoughts at some point in life. I know it is very frustrating and confusing and results in identity issues for many of us. As mentioned in the subject, it is complicated to assess what does being sissy means. A sissy I... Continue Reading →

Thank you Everyone!

Hello gurls! I would like to thank everyone who visits and read my blog! This blog has crossed 100,000 visitors and 20,000 visitors for the year of 2018. I would just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and reading my posts! I am glad that you like to read what I write. I... Continue Reading →

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