Sissy Shopping Task – 3

Hello Gurls! So I see a lot of you want to try and find shopping tasks to humiliate yourself. I am back here to find some simple ways to get you humiliated. Are you ready? If you follow my posts, you have bought make-up, you got shoes, you got a formal shirt, now it is time to... Continue Reading →


Sissy Task – Naughty and nice tug to remind you!

Hello Gurls! How are you doing ? Did you have a good time over the weekend? Did you play with yourself? Did you cum? If no, it is time for a small task to remind you of your sissy status. I know most of you crave for simple tasks that you could do yourself and... Continue Reading →

Simple and Sexy Sissy humiliation

Hello Gurls! So after a long time today I wore something girly under my work clothes. I went to work today with ankle length socks, with anklets inside them and with my toenails nicely painted from my yesterday's visit to the salon, more of that in my next post. Then anklets tinkled when I walked... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task – Motivation for you

Hello Gurls! Are you having a good time? Are you looking for some brain training that will help you to become a better sissy? I have some suggestions for you to try out. These links will test your ability to remember what you crave the most and condition you to connect it with the most... Continue Reading →

Sissy Dare – Dress up challenge

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? So are you up for some mild public humiliation? Don't worry it is nothing that you can't handle. What you need - a small backpack with zip, a click type padlock, a girly jeans (Floral, rhinestone, skinny, etc.) So what you need to do is very simple. You will go to a... Continue Reading →

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