Destined to Serve 2 – Chapter 12

Once we reach home in the evening, I was to change in the pajamas that she had got me. It was her instructions the previous day and I could not forget it. I was so eager to make her happy. It  was becoming my second nature to obey her. By the time I finish changing... Continue Reading →


Sissy Behavior – Change your Wardrobe

Hello Sissy Gurls! How are you doing? Are you ready to display your sissy side to the world? Don't worry I am not going to ask you to advertise your sissy self to everyone. But I may ask you to be more comfortable with it, if someone finds it out! So what do you wear... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task – Dance time

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? Have you been waiting for a task to do? How about something fun that you can do. The best part is you don't need any sissy clothes, only lots of courage and time! So what do you think about dancing? Ok let me be more specific, what do you... Continue Reading →

Thank you Everyone!

Hello gurls! I would like to thank everyone who visits and read my blog! This blog has crossed 100,000 visitors and 20,000 visitors for the year of 2018. I would just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and reading my posts! I am glad that you like to read what I write. I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of Secret Crossdresser

Hello Gurls! This post is just some random thoughts going through my mind. It has been so long that I have been cross-dressing in secret that I don't even remember when it started. I am sure most of you want to get fully dressed and enjoy feminity. I have always dreamt of being a girl,... Continue Reading →

A Chance Encounter

I am greeting all the passengers boarding the flight with a warm smile on a late evening flight from London to Mumbai. This was my last flight of the week and I was only thinking of things I could do tomorrow once I am home, as I was completely tired and spent. I was barely... Continue Reading →

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