Memoir of a College Girl – Part 3 (last)

I feel little relaxed as the convention was over and now I will not have to face so many people. I was thinking about how I will be able to relax, without the makeup and dressing up for whole day. However, instead of feeling happy, I was feeling sad. Over this three days we had... Continue Reading →


Memoir of a College Girl – Part 2

When we reach our room it was past midnight, and all of them fall asleep instantly. I lie down on my bed, still perplexed with the whole experience, a tear runs down my cheek, I could not sleep for quite some time, but when I woke up all of them were ready and I was... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task – Dance time

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? Have you been waiting for a task to do? How about something fun that you can do. The best part is you don't need any sissy clothes, only lots of courage and time! So what do you think about dancing? Ok let me be more specific, what do you... Continue Reading →

Thank you Everyone!

Hello gurls! I would like to thank everyone who visits and read my blog! This blog has crossed 100,000 visitors and 20,000 visitors for the year of 2018. I would just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and reading my posts! I am glad that you like to read what I write. I... Continue Reading →

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