Sissy Task – Spot a sissy

Hello, gurls! How was your weekend? How interesting will it be to spot a sissy at work or in a meeting? What if that sissy was you? Well, we will see who can spot you! Are you one of that sissy who wears business suits at work or meetings? Yes? If yes, I have a... Continue Reading →


Sissy Bondage Task – Mess with your head!

Hello Gurls! So what is keeping you busy? Do you have some time to explore your sissy side with some fun self-bondage to mess with your head literally? You will need: Lingerie or your sissy dress, Lipstick, soft bondage rope, handcuffs, and an ice-cream in cone(available at your departmental store). I am sure you would... Continue Reading →

Sissy Bondage Task

Hello Gurls! So how have you been doing? I sometimes get an urge to get bound and controlled but unfortunately there is no one to do that for me, so I end up tying up myself. The thrill of bondage is much more if someone is incharge, so in order to make it thrilling for... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -3

Hello gurls! I am back at sharing my last adventure enfemme last week. It was a working day so I was planning to get dressed as Alisha, but not go out, and I was going to wear Saree after a long time. However, I felt that since I am getting dressed I should try and... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -2

Hello Gurls! So let us continue the fun, after meeting the other CD friend and learning about make-up it was time to do something more adventurous. I was contacted by a couple in response to my ads on social site and I was intrigued, that a normal couple was interested in meeting me without any... Continue Reading →

One week in Chastity

Hello Gurls! I am just posting this note here, as I finished one week in chastity yesterday night. I have been able to keep it locked and have not opened it even for cleaning. It has been very comfortable to wear and I like the design, it is pink in color and is perfect fit... Continue Reading →

Enfemme Adventure -1

Hello dear gurls! I was planning for this day for one month now, I wanted to visit a mall dressed as girl and go shopping and the best part is I was going to have company of other CD, so was very excited. It was weekend and I knew the mall will be busy so wanted... Continue Reading →

Chastity and me

Hello Gurls! I had tried Chastity last year, but I think it was cheap imitation and was not much fun as the rings kept breaking and I was not impressed with the locking mechanism. So I ordered a different one, and this time it is in pink color and very robust. I have eight days of... Continue Reading →

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