Sissy Task 10 – Dress up challenge

Hello Gurls! How are you doing? So are you up for some mild public humiliation? Don't worry it is nothing that you can't handle. What you need - a small backpack with zip, a click type padlock, a girly jeans (Floral, rhinestone, skinny, etc.) So what you need to do is very simple. You will go to a... Continue Reading →

Sissy Task 7 – make-up shopping

Hello gurls! How is your week going? Have you done something fun this week? Are you looking for something that will keep your sissy mind occupied? I have a perfect thing to suggest for that, if you have been following my blog, you have already shopped for nail paint, heels, stockings, etc. but haven't actually... Continue Reading →

Sissy’s day out!

Hello Sweethearts! Do you remember the poll I had put up “Should I go out dressed like that again?” like my earlier outing I posted in “Humiliating Myself”. The result was that “I should go out and also post pictures for everyone to see!” So here I am doing what my readers asked me to... Continue Reading →

Close encounter with Men….

Hello darling! I know you like reading my blog, and sometimes also might wonder what would be my experience or on what basis do I write, so today I am going to share some of my personal experiences. I am sure many of you are much more adventurous and experienced than me, but that will... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 7

We check-in at the hotel and go to our room, Alisha was sweating and scared, I smile at her and ask “What happened? Why are you scared?” “Rashesh is going to be here too. I will be caught,” she says in a panic. I was amused that she was using her girly voice even when... Continue Reading →

Triple A – Part 5

I was really enjoying how the things were going over the next week, I had started to force Anurag to dress up in the evenings and do all the chores. I was becoming really demanding and treating her like my bitch. I convinced her to sleep on the joined bed, instead of reorganizing the room... Continue Reading →

Pleasure in Humiliation

Hello gurls! I am sure that there is ton of information available on this topic from all perspective, but I am still going to give it a try and write something new. I am someone who was introduced to the word ”kink” very late in my life. I had no idea that there is a... Continue Reading →

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